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Submitted by:Pablo Cuadrado

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Vogum is a tool for Music Teachers, Influencers, Students and Performers to create engaging lessons and music theory visuals, from 2D to VR.

Product Description


Vogum provides many different tools to practice, teach music or just to play and have fun with its 2D, 3D and VR experiences. It has built-in sharing capabilities to export lesson materials or create content for your social networks. All the views and tools react to MIDI input, whether is a circle of notes or a piano keyboard.

How It's Innovative

The web, built on top of standards, is the ultimate distribution platform. Building reliable MIDI-enabled products on the web is getting more popular. To us, Web and MIDI are a match made in heaven. Web MIDI is gaining trust, it will support MIDI 2.0 in the future (confirmed to me by the MIDI Association in a recent live stream). The Novation Circuit Tracks, for example, uses a browser-based UI with WebMIDI to control the device, so users need to go to a URL in their browser to upload projects to the machine. As an application building platform, the Web is like clay, it can be moulded into anything. Just take a look at Vogum: it has 2D graphics, 3D graphics, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality and AI experiments, all with the same codebase. It works in any device with a modern web browser: an iPhone 8, an iPad, a Samsung Galaxy phone, your laptop computer, or your Oculus Quest device. Again, all with the same codebase. Iterating is super fast, and customers always get the latest version of the product. No downloads, no install. No app-store silos (buying an iOS pad, switching to Android and having to buy it again). Today, you can start a web MIDI project, put together a few libraries, host it on some free provider (like Vercel), and distribute it to millions of people with an URL in an hour. Vogum pushes MIDI (and Audio) to be first-class citizens on the web ecosystem, providing extensive MIDI support with features like MIDI Learn, and working on special features for educational devices, like grid-based controllers (Launchpad Mini, etc), and more. We are also pioneering on WebVR/WebMIDI. We were the only booth with a VR headset in the NAMM Show!

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Vogum is aimed to be a daily companion. Just leave it open in a browser tab all day or add a shortcut icon to access it quickly on your phone. If you are a teacher, you can drastically improve your lessons with Vogum's visuals. If you are a student, you can use all of its practice tools like the Metronome, Random Rhythms, Harmony Explorer and more. With its built-in sharing capabilities, everyone can create music theory content to post online: hit a chord on your MIDI keyboard, click download and get a nice piano picture for your networks, blog, essay, etc. You can take it anywhere: it works in your laptop, phone or tablet.

Expansion Plans

Vogum's components can be used in many other ways, in the future, there could be a few spin-offs outside of the main product: Youtube videos, a blogging platform for musicians. We are translating the site and the app to 5 languages. It's already available worldwide. We are actively looking for sponsors, partners, affiliates or investors.


Vogum is already launched and gaining customers, it has a simple subscription plan. We support Purchasing Power Parity, so each country has a discount based in their purchasing power index. We are also preparing bulk plans for schools and institutions.