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Submitted by:Pablo Cuadrado

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


VOGUM is a web application with extensive MIDI controller support for music teachers, learners and performers.

Product Description


VOGUM is a "swiss army knife" kind of app, it has tools, articles and visualizers.
You can sing with a Drone, create generative art with your MIDI controller or audio input, explore the Chord Visualizer, see the Frequency Spectrum of your input, use an always accessible Tuner, a step-sequencer Metronome supporting polyrhythms, and many more features to come.

It aims to be a companion for musicians, to practice, to jam, to play, to get inspired. Even to play live visuals. To be always with you.

VOGUM is web based. We believe in standards (as former Mozilla employees). We want to provide a first quality experience like the one you'll get in a desktop native DAW like Ableton or Logic Pro.

The web is still a place for free peer-to-peer distribution, away from company silos or app stores. Most Web MIDI projects we found so far still look like being in a very early stage, an experimental phase. We want to push Web MIDI forward by treating it like a first-class citizen in a craftily designed commercial application.

How It's Innovative

Despite Web MIDI support being a bit late in some browsers, we treat it as a graduated standard. It's time for web apps to catch up with MIDI controllers.

At the moment of writing this, Soundtrap (the popular "web DAW" project by Spotify) has no MIDI Learn feature (!!!). VOGUM does, of course! We want the app to be fully usable through your MIDI device as a control surface. That even includes some navigation commands. Enabling the tuner. Setting the metronome.

We are happy to see such big players adopting Web MIDI, but we think we can take it even further in order to push browser vendors for adoption. Firefox is making some progress, but for example, Soundtrap disables MIDI support for Firefox users. Safari is definitely behind.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

I started creating VOGUM for my own personal practice routine, so I actually use it to practice music. Playing over odd meters, drone singing. We would love to see people use it in-person or remotely to talk about music theory, or share concepts. It could also be used by content creators (like Music Youtubers) to create the material they show in their videos. We also plan to have guest artists creating visualizations of all kinds, 3D, VR, the Web supports it all. We want VOGUM to be a companion for musicians all over the world.

Expansion Plans

In geographic terms, as a web app, VOGUM will be available globally, at least in all the countries we can legally operate. The code is prepared to be translated into other languages.

Apart from that, we already see a spin-off of VOGUM on the horizon. We want VOGUM to be a tool for content creators, all VOGUM views have fullscreen support so music Youtubers or streamers can make videos out of it.

We also plan to release music blog creation features: write content with musical components such as the Circle of Fifths, sheet music fragments, interactive Piano Keyboards, interactive drum patterns, all embedded into your blog and maybe even into other platforms as Wordpress (which might be outdated but still has a gigantic market share).

More in: https://www.vogumapp.com/epk/aboutvogum


VOGUM is supporter-based, we offer a few supporter plans via Gumroad.

The lowest tier is the Micro Supporter tier, at 3 USD / month. Gives you access to all the content.

Then there's a Teacher tier starting at 15 USD / month, which offers educational resources such as content creation, lesson calendar, and student records. In this launch phase, we are offering 100 lifetime licenses at 149 USD. These grant lifetime access to all the features, plus access to a shared Roadmap in which you can vote to prioritize feature development. As a bonus, you get your name in the "Knights of the Universal Music Legion" page!

We are also creating sponsorship opportunities. As you may have noticed in our videos, you can see the manufacturers' logos (Alesis, Arturia) in the bottom status bar. This is not merely decorative: we are strategically placing our potential sponsors right in the UI.