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Submitted by:Spaceage

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Visibox represents a new category of software which lets performers create immersive shows and control audiovisual elements on-stage using MIDI pedals, pads, or keyboards.

Product Description


Visibox is the world’s first audiovisual performance environment. This macOS and Windows app enables performers to easily control visual elements – videos, images, cameras, and audio tracks – as part of their live or live-stream performances. Created with musicians in mind, Visibox is designed to be used on stage and controlled via MIDI keyboards, finger pads, foot pedals, or drum controllers; an Elgato Stream Deck; or the computer’s keyboard and mouse. Live control allows performers to essentially edit together a music video in real-time, in time with the music, without needing to play to a click. For those who do perform with backing tracks, Visibox provides intuitive playback options that make sense for performers. With just a few clicks, immersive, stadium-style visuals are now within reach of any cafe performer or garage band. Check out the [Spaceage YouTube channel](https://youtube.com/@spaceage) for tutorials or visit [the Spaceage website](https://spaceage.tv) for more information.

How It's Innovative

Visibox’s most innovative feature is its ease of use. Historically, controlling visuals on stage has been very complicated and required a lot of custom setup or programming. Visibox aims to make this process easy for students, amateurs, and professional performers alike. We want to make visual creativity as fun and immediate as playing a musical instrument while inspiring new types of creative expression.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

We're starting to see hip-hop artists and bedroom songwriters/producers creating compelling, immersive, live shows without needing to put together a full band. They're able to express themselves visually with the same amount of creativity and innovation that they put into their music. These days, everyone can shoot and edit the content on their phones. Excellent video projectors are cheap (especially on the used market). And even the cheapest laptop computers can seamlessly playback high-quality video and other imagery. We've hit the tipping point where this type of creativity is accessible to most performers. We've been inspired to see the proverbial "lightbulb" go off over performers' heads as we talk to them about Visibox. We've designed it to be easy and flexible and we're excited to see all of the different ways that people will use it.

Expansion Plans

In the future, we may offer affordable dedicated hardware controllers (MIDI pedals in particular) designed to work with Visibox. We may also offer a library of ready-made video and animation content so that users don't need to create their own. We're also actively creating YouTube tutorials and case studies to inspire the creativity of our users. And we're staying actively engaged to make sure that we're accommodating the needs of our users while guarding the simplicity and ease of use of our product.


Visibox is a consumer-focused commercial product that costs USD $8.99/mo or $89/yr. We also offer a one-time "lifetime subscription" option for $340. The app interface is translated into Spanish and French (as well as English) and about half of our current user base is international.