SWAM ALL IN bundle

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Submitted by:Audio Modeling

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

SWAM ALL IN bundle

SWAM Physical and Behavioral Modeling surpasses the expressive limitations of samplers. With SWAM, MIDI won’t just trigger notes, it will shape your music.

Product Description

SWAM ALL IN bundle

SWAM ALL IN is a suite of virtual instruments (standalone or plugins for macOS, Windows, and iPad) encompassing Solo Brass, Solo Woodwinds and Solo Strings. Audio Modeling’s unique SWAM technology provides tremendous realism and overcomes the limitations of samplers in the reproduction of expressive instruments.

How It's Innovative

SWAM technology is revolutionary because it provides great realism in the control, sound evolution, and expressiveness of instruments like violin, clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet, which suffer when subject to the limitations of samplers. A sampler triggers a very accurate snapshot of a sound, which must always sound the same for every note, while SWAM delivers the note-to-note variation, dynamism, and articulation of a real instrument.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

SWAM presents the possibility of learning a new way to make music in a production or live situation. Musicians unlock a new world as they learn how SWAM instruments react to their gestures. SWAM’s real-time control resembles the experience of playing an acoustic instrument, stimulating thought about how real instrument players think, and how to find one’s own musical voice, writing and playing music distinctive from that of others. Though the world of SWAM technology is an entirely new one, it contains familiar touchstones that make it more accessible. A SWAM instrument sounds different in the hands of different musicians, just as acoustic instruments do. Beginners sound like beginners, of course, but master musicians sound like master musicians, as well! SWAM instruments may be easier to approach than their real counterparts, but they still require time to master, and the reward for mastering them is huge. The voyage into learning a SWAM instrument truly is a new musical journey.

Expansion Plans

Audio Modeling is working to port all SWAM instruments to iPhone devices, and make new products and engines extending the catalog to Strings Ensembles, World Instruments, and much more. Audio Modeling welcomes collaborations with hardware device and MIDI controller manufactures to build plug and play solutions and design new, innovative controllers that provide even greater expressivity and control. Audio Modeling wants to reach new musicians, producers, composers, and schools. Currently, Audio Modeling offers a 50% educational discount for students and teachers, and are planning to build a B2B channel aimed at schools and universities, with volume licenses and dedicated support.


SWAM suite is currently available in our web store at https://audiomodeling.com , on the Apple apps store at https://apps.apple.com/developer/audio-modeling/id1326331126, and from distributors and resellers around the globe: https://audiomodeling.com/resellers/