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Submitted by:Magnopere Corporation

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


SuperConductor is the premier online real-time MIDI performance and collaboration tool offering a fully synchronized and lag-free experience

Product Description


SuperConductor is a web applications that allows musicians to perform and collaborate together online in real-time while staying fully in sync and experiencing zero delay caused by network latency. With SuperConductor, you can create and perform music with your friends as if you are in the same room. Join directly using your browser, no setup is necessary. The magic of SuperConductor is its seamless zero-lag online experience. Under the hood is our state-of-the-art technology that eliminates delays caused by network latency, so you can jam together in real-time without skipping a beat. SuperConductor supports all MIDI devices for both input and output. Play using your favorite controller or instrument, like a digital piano or drum kit. Use the built-in sounds or connect an external sound module for output. Route the MIDI stream to your DAW and receive data directly from any remote user. Play along to any MIDI song with your friends like a multiplayer music rhythm game. Simply load a MIDI file, choose the parts you want to play, and follow along to the synchronized note prompts as they appear. Choose from one of five ways to visualize the incoming notes. Review the accuracy of everyone's performance using the automatic analysis tool. Other features include: - built-in music library with a variety of songs - customizable synthesizers - simplified keyboard-only play along mode - shared MIDI clock signal generator - recording and MIDI file export - real-time harmony analysis and chord detection - incoming and outgoing MIDI channel remapping

How It's Innovative

SuperConductor provides the easiest method for users to establish a direct peer-to-peer connection to exchange MIDI data. Simply open the same room link in a WebMIDI compatible browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) and you can directly send and receive MIDI data with anyone around the world. On top of this, SuperConductor is able to eliminate delays caused by network latency up to 50ms (100ms ping) using its proprietary latency compensation system. Under the hood are carefully tuned algorithms that work to maintain a fast, consistent, and synchronized experience for all users depending on their connection quality, instrument type, and hardware capabilities. The entire application is designed from the ground up with collaboration in mind. All events are guaranteed to happen at the same time for everyone: note events, metronome ticks, MIDI file playback, recording, parameter changes, etc. When using SuperConductor you can be assured that what you hear is what everyone else hears. This gives musicians a common reference so they can stay on beat while performing together remotely.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Any musician (or even non-musician) looking for a way to connect with others over the internet to create, perform, learn, or enjoy music together will find a great experience with SuperConductor. Some notable examples are - music teachers conducting online lessons for one or more students - a band rehearsing or performing remotely - musicians practicing to a particular MIDI song to improve - artists experimenting with synthesizers together - producers needing a tool to synchronize existing DAWs across multiple studios

Expansion Plans

We endeavour to provide the best possible online collaboration platform possible. We will be working hard to refine and optimize the experience based on user feedback. A number of possibilities for future work is under consideration, including - Designing and creating MIDI hardware with our latency compensation system built in - Developing an online ecosystem for musicians to find bandmates and form virtual bands


SuperConductor is available to use today for free. A paid membership is available as a subscription, which increases room capacity, unlocks all features, and helps support development. See our website for more details https://superconduct.io