spArxx Genesys™

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Submitted by:Park Anderson

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

spArxx Genesys™

The spArxx Genesys™ Tuning Generation System is a SaaS platform that generates digital tuning output using our exclusive math-based Fractal Tuning algorithms.

Product Description

spArxx Genesys™

Our unique music software can allow composers and musicians to hear a whole new landscape of resonant textures and tonal colors. Our "Standard" tunings allow musicians to play their instruments using exactly the same fingerings, chords and scales they already know... while our "Custom" tunings allow musicians to explore alternative tunings with more than 12 notes per octave. By using contemporary MIDI music hardware and software, our "Standard" spArxx Tonal Palettes™ are MIDI-mapped to 12 notes per octave, for guitarists and keyboardists, in such a way that the unique aspects of these new tonal colors can be played using exactly the same fingerings, chords and scales they already know. Or... music-makers can choose from our "Custom" microtonal palettes (which are all generated by our Patent-Awarded spArxx Genesys™ Tuning Generator), and explore the full spectrum of Fractal Tunings, with 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 34 and 50 notes per octave!

How It's Innovative

Our spArxx Genesys™ SaaS platform uses our unique math-based algorithms to create custom tunings for use in digital music workflows.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

Our unique spArxx Tonal Palettes™ are perfect for composing, writing and creating new music, because the interwoven patterns of resonant intervals combine to nudge your mind into fresh neural pathways. Our tunings are just the right shade of different to spark new inspiration within your existing creative process. Our spArxx Tonal Palettes™ Tuning Patches can help you elevate your music-making process to a whole new world of creative expression. And because the patterns of frequencies used in our tunings are different from standard tuning, your original compositions will have unique copyright protections. which you can lock down by using our blockchain timestamping registration service as you create your original music.

Expansion Plans

Our initial patent was awarded March 16, 2023. We are continuing to expand our IP portfolio from the original patent, and anticipate future licensing opportunities for our software, as well as innovative new hardware that leverages our technology.


We are currently seeking seed funding as we are building out our SaaS on our new AWS platform.