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Submitted by:Jo Gunnarshaug

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


SmartPitch unleash new forms of expression by enabling the pitch-wheel to target any notes monophonically and polyphonically, combined with innovative scale features and visualization.

Product Description


SmartPitch is a MIDI PLUGIN that unleash new forms of expression for the midi user – be it a performer or a programmer or both. The PITCH-WHEEL can be used to target ANY(*1) keys on the keyboard, monophonically and/or polyphonically. When monophonically: The extra notes that are held down are targets for the Pitch-Wheel. When polyphonically: The sustain-pedal is used as a trigger to morph to a new chord. The number of notes can vary from one chord to the next. Monophonic and polyphonic targets can be combined on the fly, in which case the sustain pedal also works as a trigger for polyphonic playing. To enable an uninterrupted flow of ever new targets: When a target (or targets) is reached, the Pitch-Wheel can work from a new relative origin, or recharge back to the normal origin. The SCALE can be set explicitly by name or customized or set implicitly through MIDI or from VST3. The plugin particularly supports SCALE CHANGES throughout an arrangement: If the play-head jumps to a new location where it has been before, the scale is automatically updated. The plugin introduces a new way to VISUALIZE scales, by showing illegal notes as TRANSPARENT: It uses SHAPE instead of COLOR to show the scales and will therefore free up color for OTHER visualizations, like the active notes and their pitch, and the target notes. Other scale-features: - Remap white notes to the active scale. (The legal black keys are still fully functional.) - The pitch-wheel can target notes in the active scale (when there are no EXPLICIT targets). - Illegal notes can be totally removed OR let through in a transformed way so that they don’t sound too obtrusive. - Special handling of legalized and illegalized notes when the scale changes. A miscellaneous general feature of the plugin is very resizable. If the user wants to fit a lot of plugins simultaneously on the screen: The user can scale the font down and/or make the window small. If the user wants to have every feature instantly available, including the full width of the keyboard: The user can scale the font up and/or make the window large. Or anything in between. (*1: Only restricted by the pitch-wheel range – which can be very large these days…)

How It's Innovative

The MIDI plugin implements an innovative way to use the PITCH-WHEEL, enabling the pitch-wheel to target any notes on the keyboard, on-the-fly, both monophonically and polyphonically, and in an uninterrupted flow. The MIDI plugin implements innovative features regarding SCALE, like support for scale changes, visualization and transformations of illegal notes.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Use a midi-keyboard - most preferably with a pitch-wheel and sustain pedal – and route the MIDI through SmartPitch and to a synthesizer which support MIDI MPE. Blow up the pitch-wheel range and get ready to have fun!

Expansion Plans

Expansion plans depends largely on support, demand and requests. With regards to the product itself: Support for more plugin-formats, platforms and MIDI 2.0 is high on the list. There are also other ideas that can be incorporated into the plugin to further expand its capabilities.


A simple webpage is soon to go public, where it will be presented, can be downloaded and tried out, and licenses can be purchased. The plugin is currently PUBLIC-BETA.