Senode - Graph Seqencer

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Submitted by:Sebastian Arnold

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Senode - Graph Seqencer

SENODE is an innovative sequencer based on probabilistic finite-state machines, synergizing a graphical composition tool for generative music and an interactive live performance instrument.

Product Description

Senode - Graph Seqencer

Senode is a MIDI sequencer app for iOS written by drummer and sound artist Sebastian Arnold. Just recently the app was extended to be available as an AUv3 plugin, making it easy to integrate into more complex setups of software instruments on iOS DAWs.

"Senode is something quite different when it comes to sequencing" - Create Digital Music
"If you search a new unique sequencer for iOS than check out Senode." - Synth Anatomy
"A Killer App!" - A4iRebirth


The app generates its musical output from a graph of nodes connected by edges. Each node triggers a note or chord when activated. Nodes can easily be recorded from MIDI input and organized using the multi-touch interface. Edges connect the nodes and determine the direction of travel. Each edge is assigned a probability, so it is possible to introduce randomized variations into the graphical composition. Multiple instruments can be controlled by emitters which send their tokens onto the graph and generate polyphonic music from the movement of the tokens. Senode synchronizes its clock to Ableton Link or integrates as AUv3 plugin with the host app. All actions are MIDI bindable, so the emitters can be triggered in real time from drum pads, sensors or other apps.

- innovative non-linear graphical sequencer with draggable multi-touch interface
- standalone app and AUv3 MIDI plugin (in-app purchase required)
- unlimited notes or chords per step with velocity, legato or fixed-length notes
- unlimited number of steps and directions: cycles, randomized, one-shot
- multi-timbral patches with polyphonic emitters
- integrated polysynth with sine, square, saw and noise OSC, ADSR, filter, reverb
- real-time sequencer control with clock sync and catch-up quantization
- MIDI device input and output
- velocity-sensitive binding support for all sequencer operations like step, emit, tick, trigger or clear
- tempo and start/stop synchronization using Ableton Link
- step recording with chord detection
- copy and paste functionality
- transpose and clock divide functions
- comes with tutorial and example patches that you can instantly play

See https://www.senode.org for more details and videos
Buy Senode on the App Store:

How It's Innovative

Senode offers a unique approach to sequencing by its modular design. Music is not written left-to-right and there are no default "beats" or "bars" that will repeat on its own. Instead, the composition comes to live by the interplay of multiple connected elements, their movement and the live interaction between them and the performer.
The graphical composition style inspires to think in minimal musical patterns, but introduces a high complexity of possible outcomes from the non-deterministic algorithm.
Additionally, all actions are performed in real time. Tokens can be stepped free in time from MIDI input or quantized to a clock. The emitters support catch-up, which means you can hit all functions like a drummer "on the spot" and stay in sync, even if you're too early or a little late.
With this versatile toolkit, Senode bridges the gap between traditional tempo-based music sequencers and more complex modular setups using its simple graphical approach and great interactivity.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

Senode is made for live music performance. It suprises the you with complex patterns that emerge from the the randomized decisions on the graph, similar to the minimal music compositions in the 1960s. The more you interact with the graph, the more interesting it gets – try to break free from 4/4 bar schemes, start your sequences on off-beat timings or create crazy polyrhythmic cycles. You will soon notice how eye-opening it is to think in musical modules and control the movement of the tokens over the graph with your own MIDI events from drum triggers or finger pads – a real instrument!

Expansion Plans

Currently a major feature extension is under development to add an Arpeggiator mode which triggers the emitters directly from polyphonic MIDI input. Moreover, there will be a VST3 plugin version for integrating Senode as MIDI plugin into DAWs running under Windows, macOS and Linux.


Senode is available as an iOS app in the Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/senode/id1298766877

Just recently, an in-app purchase was added to unlock the AUv3 MIDI plugin.
In the future, VST3 plugin versions are planned to be for direct sale on the developer's individual Web site.