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Submitted by:Robkoo Information & Technologies Co., Ltd.

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Meet Qithesizer, a powerful multi-engine hybrid software synthesizer. Designed with wind controller in mind, it combines virtual analog, wavetable, and physical modeling in one.

Product Description


A sound design powerhouse on the go. Connect your keyboard, wind controller, or simply play on screen. Find its MIDI mapping feature that unlocks the expressiveness of your performance. Explore all sound possibilities and fall in love with it! 【Features】 ∙ Multiple sound engines - basic waveforms, hundreds of digital waveforms, multiple physical models ∙ 11 modulation sources, 24 modulation destinations ∙ Full midi mapping ∙ 16-step sequencer with powerful pattern editor, save patterns by preset ∙ Waveform and dynamic visualizations ∙ Full-size, on-screen keyboard 【Artist collab open!】 If you are a reputable musician/sound designer, we are open for artist preset collabs. Receive a free redeem code and get your presets published for all users to download! *iPhone version has limited features. Our website: www.robkoo.com Facebook Page: @RobkooMusic Instagram: robkoo_music Twitter: @Robkoo_Music

How It's Innovative

The underlying engine of Qithesizer has potential to work with other devices than iPad and iPhone. It is on its way to align all mobile devices at the same level in sound design and portable synth territory. It is also a great experiment to combine 3 different sound engines into one interface. Topped with the freedom of MIDI mapping, the sound possibility and playability is limitless.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Combine different sound sources and modulations to craft your own sounds with ease. Map your physical controller to any parameter in Qithesizer for real-time dynamic effects. Utilise the big on-screen keyboard as an additional play-live synthesizer. Receive sound presets made by reputable artists around the world.

Expansion Plans

The App will receive an Android version, after which the sounds and presets will become universal to anyone who wishes to play on mobile devices.


It is a paid App in Apple's App Store, we are collaborating with artists around the world to create wonderful presets on Qithesizer's hybrid engine. As we keep delivering new updates, and as artists keep creating new sounds, the best presets can be given a price tag.