PopuPiano Smart Portable Keyboard + PopuMusic APP

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Submitted by:LUO SHICHUAN

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

PopuPiano Smart Portable Keyboard + PopuMusic APP

A Glowing Keyboard + Chords/Rhythm Pad Controller, that Allows You to Learn & Compose Music by Melody + Chord + Rhythm

Product Description

PopuPiano Smart Portable Keyboard + PopuMusic APP

PopuPiano is an innovative glowing keyboard that visualizes music theory in a extremely direct method.

Music is composed of Melody, Chords and Rhythm. In another word, generally Music = Melody + Chords + Rhythm.

We follow this formula and use it as a golden guide to design PopuPiano. Different from any other musical product on the market, we develop our product by following this principle to help a music lover understand the layers of music, and how beautiful music becomes after adding-up all these simple musical layers together.

Accordingly, we design PopuPiano into two parts. The right keyboard focuses on melody, while the left chords pad focuses on chords & rhythm.

Besides, we can also replace the left chords pad to a magnetic extended keyboard, and make PopuPiano a complete E-keyboard.

But please be fully aware that the fundamental philosophy remains the same --- that the lefts handed keyboard still functions as an accompaniment part, and the keys will be lit up under the chords/rhythm principle, instead of the melody principle.

How It's Innovative

* A Compact Lighting Keyboard for Music Making & Learning
With glowing keys and magnetic multifunctional pad controller, PopuPiano makes piano/keyboard practice smarter & easier. Sweet video tutorials Can Lead You from A Beginner to a great producer. Compatible with LogicPro, CuBase, Garageband, it's also a great MIDI keyboard for pro players.

*Lights on the Keyboard, Real-Time Feedback on the Screen
In the tutorials and practices, keys will be lit up according to the instruction, improving playing accuracy & learning efficiency. All practices are designed with gradual difficulties, and mainly focus on popular hit songs.

*Learn Hundreds of Songs in Minutes
Most songs are made of repetitive chords and loops. PopuPiano simplifies the mastery of these chords by condensing most used chords into a compact chord pad. Combined with a karaoke lyrics display, it allows you to play and sing along with tons of hit songs with taps of your finger.

*Create Your Very First Song in LIfe
Connect PopuPiano to PopuMusic APP by bluetooth. A specially designed FreePlay section allows you to create songs like playing Lego. Choose a instrument for rhythm layer, and then add up a instrument for chord layer, and then another instrument for melody layer. Combine all layers and make edit on it, and your very first song is published. It's more direct and friendly compared to professional software. Don't worry about how to start. PopuMusic also provide sufficient MasterTips for beginners to imitate and start with.

*Make Any Music Type You Like
PopuPiano assists your composing by lighting up different keys according to the music type. Simply follow the lights and you can rock & roll in Blues/Chinese/Japanese/Flamanco/Persian/Hindu music styles. Nore more boring music theory, even a novice can be a great music maker.

*Double Keys, Double Creativity
By connecting another specially designed keyboard on the left side, PopuPiano suddenly turns into a classic E-keyboard. Start the journey of being a pro player and unleash your music potential.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

For music beginners and lovers who love singing, but lack of instrument playing skill, PopuPiano provides a far better user experience to start the music journey without any determination or tons of efforts.

Besides, music beginner often falls into a trap to focus only on finger practice, but fails to understand that music is actually the combination of melody + chords + rhythm. Even some very easy chords playing can create musical happiness, but people spend huge amount of money and time on traditional piano coaching, and all the painful effort along the way turns the music journey into a desperate boring experience without any musical joy.

The fundamental starting point of designing PopuPiano is at the time that we realize the world needs an elegant way to start the music journey, and prevent a music lover from walking onto that painful practicing road and being lost there.

Expansion Plans

We also plan to launch PopuPiano on Amazon for global music lovers after the crowd-funding period.


2022/4/12, we will launch the PopuPiano campaign on Indiegogo crowd-funding platform. 2022/6/18, which is the Chinese version of mid-year Black Friday, we will launch PopuPiano in China mainland.