Playano AR Piano 3D Tile App

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Submitted by:David Gerhard Demmer on behalf of Playano Education Ltd.

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Playano AR Piano 3D Tile App

Playano is the first Google Play app offering a fully integrated approach using unique augmented reality technology to learn and enjoy playing the Piano - Become the next Piano-hero

Product Description

Playano AR Piano 3D Tile App

The biggest challenge of the music instrument industry and particularly the piano industry is the speed and adaptation of people learning instruments. Outdated, traditional and contemporary learning approaches are still struggling with the full and immersive integration of instruments with the education process. Playano is the first fully integrated Piano-AR-app to learn how to play the Piano. It’s never too early to start learning how to play the piano. Join Playano with an interactive piano experience. Playano is easy and for everyone, from beginners to advanced players - from young and old. Playano brings a guitar hero feeling to Mobile Phone users. • An enjoyable, contemporary catalogue of music with pop songs, classical pieces and classical remixes. • Using augmented reality, Playano guides you on how to play the notes you play and gives you an immersive feeling

How It's Innovative

1) We self produce midi files in order to visualise the notes directly onto your piano at home using Augmented Reality 2) The Playano App is has been established on Unity, using Augmented Reality technology within the Game. Other libraries within Unity have been used like ARcore to integrate AR with Unity. Further, ARFoundation serves on identifying objects enabling a fresh and new level identification of the app. We are currently evaluating the next level by researching and identifying a smarter and AI way to play Piano. 3) Given we are offering currently something very unique to the market, we will continue to stay on using the cutting edge of technology as we have uncountable plans when the time & capacity & money is right 4) our app will offer everything you need around your piano. Once you are using Playano, there is no need to switch to any other Piano app. 5) Immersive and cute 3d animation and intuitive handling will open up the target group to young and old

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

As an EdTech company, the most inspiring aspect of Playano is that we are transforming the piano market and the music industry henceforth. Why read books if you can watch a movie? Playano changes the way how you have been learning piano and brings great entertainment and educational components to your home in a fully immersive way. There is no requirement to read notes anymore, once and for all.

Expansion Plans

We are currently expanding our team globally with developers & musicians around the globe. Playano will be around for a while!


We are launching our AR app in April 2022 publicly first on Google Play. 1 Month later, in May, we will be launching on Apple Store and we have ambitions to also offer our solutions on sidequest within the realm of VR. After that, we will be expanding into other instruments using immersive technology.