Piano de Voyage

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24 May 2023

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Piano de Voyage

Piano de Voyage is a modular, 88 full-size keys portable piano keyboard

Product Description

Piano de Voyage

Piano de Voyage is a portable piano keyboard that offers full-size and velocity-sensitive keys. Piano de Voyage is modular, you can play with up to 4 modules of 2 octaves, the keyboard with automatically map according to the number of modules connected. Thanks to its unique assembly mechanism, the Piano de Voyage is sturdy and does not require a flat surface to lay on. It offers USB/MIDI port (works with Mac/PC and iPhone, iPad) and connector for regular sustain pedals. An embedded soundboard to play with your Piano de Voyage without the need for connecting a MIDI device is available as an extra option. This soundboard includes a General MIDI soundbank with 100+ sampled instruments.

How It's Innovative

The Piano de Voyage keyboard is bringing new possibilities in travelling with a fullsize 88 keys keyboard. Being collapsible it can fit in a backpack or a suitcase and be the ideal companion for gigs. Using its accompanying web-midi application all Piano de Voyage settings can be configured : keyboard velocity curve, MIDI controls (2x MIDI assignable knobs, 4x MIDI assignable buttons), sustain pedal polarity...

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

User review : "Now I am on tour with my wife's band in Europe and I brought the Piano de Voyage in a small little tiny suitcase and I let them play and it's just been perfect because before this they were actually planning to rent keyboards in different cities and now we have the Piano de Voyage it is saving us so much stress. And it's really really high quality, I am really impressed!"

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Already available at https://shop.pianodevoyage.com