omnikitty chromachord candy bar bass

Categories: Hardware Prototypes/Non-Commercial products

Submitted by:Ryan Liau

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

omnikitty chromachord candy bar bass

the omnikitty chromachord candy bar bass is a MIDI chord based instrument that aims to make jazz theory interactable, intuitive, and most importantly - fun!

Product Description

omnikitty chromachord candy bar bass

its a midi instrument that helps its users understand music theory. chord relationships as on the circle of fifths are represented; visually using colours; physically using distance on the slider. jazzy and complex chord types are reduced to buttons that use an algorithm that figures out everything out for you, and gamifies it into poking the belly of a kitten. best of all, the chords selected can be played as simply as spinning a disk or as selectively as plucking strings of a guitar!

How It's Innovative

abstract music theory concepts don’t translate physically or visually with other instruments and takes a lot of memorization to put into practise. this leads to people feeling intimidated by it, so i designed an instrument around the theory itself to help busy people jam and ease them into musical literacy.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

watching people experiment with chord types they've never tried playing before

Expansion Plans

i'm planning to make a second prototype for my gradshow exhibition with even more features and polish


i might manufacture it if i get investor attention or make a kickstarter and make it an open source project