ODD Ball

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24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

ODD Ball

Create, mix and play music by simply bouncing, catching and spinning a ball

Product Description

ODD Ball

ODD Ball is the first ball in the world to make music - a bluetooth MIDI Device in the form of a bouncy ball. It connects to the ODD App where you can play 100s of sounds from percussions, keys, guitars and more. You can jam over your favorite artists via Spotify or Apple Music, record and create a full track, sample your voice and share your creations with your friends. Every time you bounce, tap, slap, catch, spin or juggle the ball, the app will play a sound through the phone's internal speaker or any headphone or speaker connected to the phone. ODD Ball is a MIDI controller and is compatible with any DAW software. It is sensitive to the intensity of the bounce, to give you control over the sounds you make.

How It's Innovative

There is no other MIDI device that you can bounce, spin, roll and trow around. ODD Ball has unique physical properties that make music widely accessible and opens up endless possibilities to be creative, in ways we have never seen before. ODD Ball is an intuitive instrument to learn, because everyone knows how to handle a ball. You don't need to learn a totally new instrument, like a keyboard or a guitar - you can simply make music by bouncing, trowing and catching a ball. ODD ball also breaks down one of the strongest barrier that prevents people from learning music, which is the pressure and expectation that arises, when in front of a traditional instrument. With ODD Ball we encourage learning music through play, we create an experience where the user can play, experiment and learn without any pressure or expectation. Beyond its playful qualities, ODD Ball is still an incredibly versatile and creative controller, a tool for artists, performers and musicians to create totally new experiences.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

The use cases for ODD Ball are endless. Amongst more than 16000 users world wide we have seen parents and kids using ODD Ball as a toy to learn and create music together, music lovers, who have never learned an instrument before, jamming on top of their favorite songs and creating simple tracks for the first time, professional musicians using it as a creative tool to compose and generate new musical ideas, artists and performers using it as a tool to control music and visual effects. Another sector where ODD Ball is gaining a lot of traction is Education and Therapy. Teachers and instructors are using it as an educational tool to make classes more engaging and interactive, people who might have difficulties playing a traditional instrument, use it to effortlessly play music while at the same time rehabilitating motor skills coordination or even alleviate symptoms from mental health conditions.

Expansion Plans

Our longterm mission is to unlock the fun, inspiring, educational and therapeutic powers of creating music for everyone. Playing music helps intellectual development, creativity and well being. Almost 90% of people wish they learned a musical instrument, yet only 21% of them plays or played one. We want to bridge this gap. We are focusing on the wider consumer market, to create a platform and a community of music players, who actively create music and share their experiences, rather than just passively pressing play and listening. In parallel we recognize the value that our products bring to education and therapy, in fact, we are working with multiple organization and institutions to create a solution that makes music therapy more accessible.


We have started selling the product in November 2020. We currently have more than 16000 users world wide, we are planning to launch new playful physical products and have already launched a digital platform where users can access sounds, music lessons and games.