Categories: Software Prototypes/Non-Commercial Products

Submitted by:Daniel Hanrahan Tools and Games

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Product Description


It is an application that has a computer read a .mid file to play a simple synthesizer (for example, a square or sine wave generator) connected to it.

How It's Innovative

It is the first piece of software that is open source and heavily documented that has a computer read a .mid file to play a simple synthesizer, for example, a square or sine wave generator.

Most Inspiring Use Cases

The most inspiring uses of my entry are that 20k people saw my software and the jazz musician Matt Tolentino wants to use my software.

Expansion Plans

I plan to add a feature to the software where you can play the synthesizer from any instrument connected to the computer via Bluetooth. I want as many people as possible to add features to the software.


You can access the software and the source code from this link: https://github.com/Daniel-Hanrahan-Tools-and-Games/note_data_to_instrument.