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Submitted by:Terra Indústria Eletrônica

24 May 2023

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MIDI Instruments and Wireless Networking for People with Disabilities - PWD

Product Description


We, from Terra Eletrônica, have developed and implemented a WIRELESS MIDI network, with MULTI-TRANSMITTERS (TX), coupled to some MIDI instruments specially developed and dedicated to users with disabilities, connected in a network to a wireless USB HUB (RX) forming a network affordable multi-instrument system that runs on DAWS and commercial APPS, both on computers and mobile phones.

How It's Innovative

The “NET-MIDI-TA” system was designed to be a wireless communication platform between musical instruments specially designed to be accessible by people with disabilities. This HDW platform, with wireless communication, allows instruments of the most diverse types to be developed and adapted to meet the diverse deficiencies of this target audience. The hardware elements that make up the network are: A Wireless MIDI receiver HUB for USB and OTG, being able to simultaneously receive and manage up to 05 wireless transmitters included in 05 different HDW instruments. Some musical instruments (HDW) with different shapes, sizes and functions for each specific use. All these instruments can generate and send any MIDI note, on any one of the 16 MIDI channels, and can then be used simultaneously by multi-users, with patching of different instruments, thus being able to have a “band of disabled musicians” inside a workroom and recovery, on a stage, etc. This results in an excellent level of socialization among the group, and this social interaction can be useful and beneficial for users with disabilities. Among some features and functions, these instruments have individual control and choice of volume, tuning, modulation (with gyroscope, or joystick), octave shift, chords, drum solo, multi or single channel, patch set, distance (in Musical -Beam) etc. We currently have 04 models of instruments in production and commercialization, and we intend to expand these instruments in the network, because the needs are diverse due to the very nature of the diversity of users. - BIG_KBD_25 (Large musical keyboard with 25 large, sensitive and robust keys, with various effects and controls via MIDI commands) - BOARD_SOUND_12 (rectangular music board with 12 colored touch regions + effects + gyroscope) - GIRO_SOUND_09 (round musical board with 09 colored touch regions + effects + gyroscope) - MUSICAL_BEAM_05 – Wireless instrument with 05 laser distance sensors, providing an interaction without physical touch of the person, that is, without a key or physical trigger, extremely useful for people with reduced motor capacity, strength and/or mechanical pointing. Allows playing instruments and performances with simple body movements, for example: wheelchair movement, legs, arms, head, hands, feet, fingers, etc. and without peripherals attached to the human body, such as wristbands, shirts with sensors, etc … , which sometimes bother and are not accepted by users with disabilities. This is a non-invasive process to the user's body. Music generated literally in the air, away from sensors. The 05 distance sensors can be detachable and use "clips" that can be attached to rods, pedestals, supports, table tops, wheelchairs, etc... providing enormous positional versatility to the instrument in relation to the user. The actuation distance of the sensors can be adjusted electronically.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Taking advantage of our experience of over 30 years producing interfaces (HMI) for people with disabilities, such as special mice, special keyboards, voice boards, electronic magnifiers, etc..., we have now developed the “NET-MIDITA” network, to the same target audience, that is, “people with disabilities” - PWD. Thus, we believe that by escaping a little from the more traditional use of MIDI, for true music professionals, we can enter a less professional, but no less important segment of society, and provide conditions for people with less motor skills, artistic or even intellectual capacity , can make use of music and sounds through MIDI instruments, which were specially designed for this audience, playing in the same DAWS and APPs, and producing the same sounds as professionals, and obviously increasing interest, quality of life, self-care and esteem and motor and motor development of these people, in a market that lacks specific musical instruments (electromechanical interfaces, ) for them. We also believe that because it is a wireless interface, using a standard and open protocol such as MIDI, we will be able to encourage the production of new hardware and software elements via third parties that increase the use of MIDI, in Assistive Technology, in music therapy, in education occupational therapy, music education and entertainment in general.

Expansion Plans

On our part, the intention is to continue producing these dedicated MIDI controllers, and we would like others to do the same, and we are open to partnerships, mainly with software and APP developers and music editing professionals who are interested in developing player applications, specific to this segment using our network hardware. In Brazil we already have several professionals and rehabilitation and music therapy clinics using our system. For the near future we intend to develop our own MIDI PLAYER, adapting to specific needs and segments, such as entertainment, using the edition and composition of regional music and/or of more general appeal, using mostly non-contact laser physical distance sensors, (MUSIC-BEAM). Example: We are developing a musical and interactive Christmas tree, without physical contact, for use by children, during the Christmas period, with Christmas music and sounds.


NET-MIDI-TA”, was conceived during 2021 and 2022, by our company Terra Eletrônica in Brazil, having been presented at the Assistive Technology Fair (Reatech) in September 2022 in São Paulo – Brazil, with great acceptance and interest from professionals and users of the assistive technology segment. Since then it has been produced and marketed by the company Terra Eletrônica in its online store, and by resellers in Brazil, however we are open to negotiations with representatives, resellers and retailers in the international market.