Music Tapestry

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24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Music Tapestry

Music Tapestry is a new musical analysis technology that visualizes musical performances in real-time and produces a piece of art.

Product Description

Music Tapestry

Music Tapestry is a technology that turns music performances into art. It generates real-time images that correspond to elements like melody and dynamics, and finally creates a single still image for each piece played. By analyzing musical expression based on music theory, such as tonality, rhythm, chords, and chord progressions, it represents delicate piano performances with motifs that match shapes and colors like flowers or leaves. Fun songs generate bright and cheerful art, while chic songs produce art that matches a more sophisticated atmosphere. One of the most appealing aspects of Music Tapestry is that even with the same song, different playing styles can yield different results, which can motivate people to experiment with playing techniques and imagine what kind of art might result. It can be projected on projectors, tablets, or other devices, providing an interactive visual experience for both the performer and the audience. To cater for different situations, various variations are available, such as bouquets, cherry blossoms, roses, and geometric patterns. In the future, Music Tapestry will continue to incorporate new designs and pursue unique expressions that are specific to the technology.

How It's Innovative

There are many experiential interactions where prepared sounds flow and images change depending on the position and strength of touch. However, there is no other interactive video experience in the world based on performance analysis like Music Tapestry. Unlike visualizers that respond to sound, Music Tapestry analyzes music and performances to generate a piece of art. Fun songs are bright, chic songs are art that matches the chic atmosphere, and even the same song will have different results depending on how you play it, so you will never get the same picture twice. In addition, you can choose the motif to create art, such as flowers that match the season, modern art with geometric patterns, and cute art for children. Music Tapestry uses MIDI to give performers an interactive experience that crosses the boundary between music and art, adding the joy of creating art to the joy of playing music, and giving new inspiration from art to the performance.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

A concert accompanied by omnidirectional Music Tapestry images like a planetarium. Or a concert with Music Tapestry images in an immersive space on the Metaverse.

Expansion Plans

・A professional tool software product that allows you to use your own drawings or photos as motifs. ・A tool software product that can be easily used by individuals to add video to music. ・A software product that use images created by AI.


・Software products for professional musicians in concert halls and live music clubs. ・Sell goods featuring artwork created from professional musicians' performances. ・Software products for music education. ・Provide apps for individual users and sell motifs for a fee. ・Software for automatic performance and art generation in public facilities, hotel lobbies, etc.