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Submitted by:Medeli Electronics

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Music keyboard with full-orchestral accompaniment, 37 mini keys & AutoChord

Product Description


Our smallest accompaniment keyboard, MK37 comes with a selection of our standard MK series sounds and music contents, full-orchestral accompaniment and practical mini keys, to become your perfect mobile music device.
We have developed a brand new, automatic chord changing function to the accompaniment mode on MK37 called AutoChord, by which you no longer need to input chords manually and yet the chord progression is made automatically, making it more user-friendly to those who are new to accompaniment keyboards.

How It's Innovative

In the accompaniment keyboard (arranger) category, products have always needed the user to input chords in order to progress the song, a multi-track MIDI sequence pattern called Style.
We believed it was a big barrier for new users to start enjoying an arranger keyboard because it needed a fair amount of chord knowledge - Not anymore with MK37.
Our AI-based algorithm tells and sends to the MIDI sequence pattern the next chord information (a set of multiple note info) so the chords are generated and progress automatically.
We also added an ability to select the song key so that the automatic chord generation stays in the key, as well as normal and dark modes so that the automatically generated chord progression will give you a joyful or dark feeling respectively.
MK37 is the first product in the arranger category to offer a combination of these functions marked as AutoChord, making it easier than ever to enjoy generating full-orchestral music by automating a simple, yet critical part of MIDI sequencing.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

No preparing yourself is needed with chord knowledge or song-writing, just set the AutoChord song key to C and hit any of the white keys on a Style (accompaniment music), and it will sound like a well structured song.
MK37 contains 120 Style contents (music genres or base tracks), and you will be able to find a music style that you like whether it is pops, rock, jazz, country or techno.

Expansion Plans

We will be considering using AutoChord on our future arranger keyboard products.


It will be available thru official Medeli retailers worldwide.