MIDI Proxy

Categories: Software Prototypes/Non-Commercial Products

Submitted by:Mark Bolusmjak

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

MIDI Proxy

Use a simple MIDI keyboard with pitch-bend to emulate a controller with faders and buttons. And do it from the Web! More features coming.

Product Description

MIDI Proxy

Many MIDI controllers provide some intelligent features via proprietary firmware. At the same time, they speak MIDI and some functionality is openly documented. We have an untapped opportunity to get more out of these controllers. There are many MIDI scripting and translation utilities. These too often are stateless (i.e. they translate on the event level) an/or they are scriptable with a complex set of rules. Although in its early stage of development, MIDI Proxy is a performant and stable web-MIDI application, that enables an owner of a simple MIDI keyboard with pitch-bend, to virtualize a richer MIDI controller with faders and buttons. There is even signal smoothing being applied to the pitch-bend controller when it operates as a fader adjuster. This is just the start of what is possible in terms of getting the most out of our controllers.

How It's Innovative

It's a stateful, performant, stable, MIDI virtualization tool, delivered from the web.Implemented in Elm to help guarantee correctness and stability. The possibilities are limitless.

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Enabling musicians who cannot afford more robust controllers (or travel with them) to emulate such controllers with the tactile interface of simpler controllers.

Expansion Plans

Delivering via web scales naturally. Engineers will be added as necessary.


Keep adding features. Some premium features will be paid-access only.