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24 May 2023

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Medleyan® is a collection of flexible MIDI processing software tools for digital music production.

Product Description


Medleyan® is a software product that provides a collection of built-in MIDI data processors, which are called Tools.

One or more of the included Tools are hosted in a resizable virtual container called the Rack, and can be arranged in any order. Incoming MIDI data stream is passed into each Tool in the Rack sequentially from left to right.

The output of each Tool feeds the input of the next Tool in the Rack, and so on until the accumulated MIDI output is passed back to the DAW or otherwise sent to the intended destination.

You can add as many individual Tools (and as many of each) as you like to the Rack (subject to available system resources), and arrange them in whatever order makes sense for the situation. Want to see what's going on with your MIDI stream at various points in a Rack-load of Tools? Go ahead and add a couple of Monitor Tools to the Program, and let them show you!

Medleyan® is currently offered as a Standalone App and Audio Unit v3 MIDI Effect plugin for iPad.

How It's Innovative

Many computer music composers and producers use MIDI extensively. Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) products often include built-in MIDI processing features, but they can be hard to find , difficult to use, and lacking in capabilities. The configuration of all the various MIDI settings and routings can often be complex and confusing, especially when multiple MIDI devices and plugins are in use. There are a lot of third-party MIDI processors, arpeggiators and sequencers available, but they can be expensive, complicated and unintuitive. Medleyan® is a software product that offers a collection of 14 different MIDI processors, which are called Tools.

Each of the included Tools generally process the MIDI data stream in one of the following ways:
Observers - Visualize the MIDI event data stream in real-time.
Modifiers - Transform events in the MIDI data stream in in real-time.
Generators - Create MIDI events, in response to incoming real-time events or based on user settings.

One or more Tools can be loaded in the Rack and arranged as desired. By configuring reusable sets of Tools in its Rack, Medleyan® can help you wrangle your MIDI data streams, consolidate your virtual computer music studio, and get back to making music.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Besides digital music production, Medleyan® can be used in several other compelling ways. Our favorites include including music theory education, and the testing and troubleshooting of MIDI routings and data streams.

Expansion Plans

Additional Tools (configurable MIDI processors) are planned. Other platforms and plugin formats are planned. Other features and improvements are planned.


Medleyan® is available now on the Apple App Store. Options for making the product available on other platforms are under consideration.