Ivory 3 German D

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24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Ivory 3 German D

Breakthrough technology combines the realism of digital sampling with the expressivity of modeling. Limitless tone color featuring all new recordings of a German Steinway D.

Product Description

Ivory 3 German D

Ivory 3 German D is the debut product for our new platform featuring our custom RGB Engine. A powerful, expressive new technology that behaves like modeling, yet maintains the realism of digital sampling. Flexible and extensible, Ivory 3 will produce as many degrees of velocity to timbre as your MIDI controller can produce. Whether 7 bit, 14 bit or 16 bit velocity, Ivory 3 produces high resolution velocity to timbre smoothly in real time. All new recordings of an exceptional German Steinway D are captured in multiple microphone perspectives. On board Mix Desk and fully compatibility for existing Ivory 2 libraries are included. A groundbreaking and historic release!

How It's Innovative

Over the last 20 years there have been 2 major technologies driving the field realistic digital piano emulation, digital sampling and modeling. Digital sampling has the advantage of sounding extremely realistic, based on hi def digital recordings or real acoustic instruments with real microphones in real acoustic spaces. However it has been rather limited in terms of real-time expression and flexibility. Modeling is extremely powerful and flexible in terms of its real-time expressive capabilities, however the sound or timbres are not always as accurate or realistic. Ivory 3 provides an innovative new playback technology to combine the best of both worlds. The realism of hi res digital recording, with the expressivity and flexibility of modeling. No more discrete 'velocity level's as the Ivory 3 engine is able to realize the timbre of every piano strike in real time. Regardless of whether a controller sends 127 values or 16,383 values (CC88) or when MIDI 2.0 is available, 65,535 values, the velocity to timbre is smooth and continuous. Never before have musicians had control over this degree of real world tone color outside of the acoustic instrument. This technology also provides the user with myriad ways to manipulate and shape the tone color within the powerful design editor. The multiple microphone options offer the choice of close, mid and ambient perspectives, instantly available to select, mix and process in real-time within the plug-in using a full compliment of effects in the on-board Mix Desk. Ivory 3 offers musicians truly unprecedented control over real-time expression and sonic palette and ambience, whether in live performance or music production.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Ivory 3 is used by performing and recording artists all over the world. From concert halls and stadiums to recording studios to film and television scoring.

Expansion Plans

Ivory 3 German D is just the first of many Ivory 3 products. We have plans to offer new Ivory 3 piano titles as well as upgrading some of our existing Ivory 2 piano titles to this new technology.


The product was released on February 28,2023 and is available for the Mac platform. A Windows version is planned for later this year. The product is marketed and sold through our website, as well as through select authorized resellers around the world. We will publicly show the product at the upcoming April '23 NAMM show with our Marketing team @ Triple G booth #10105