Infinitone DMT

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Submitted by:Subhraag Singh

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Infinitone DMT

Infinitone Dynamic Micro-Tuning plugin empowers musicians with Freedom of Pitch, through opening access to the full harmonic spectrum, a.k.a. the “notes between the notes”.

Product Description

Infinitone DMT

Infinitone Dynamic Micro-Tuning, or Infinitone DMT for short, opens the musician for the first time ever to the infinite possibilities of the full harmonic spectrum, a.k.a the “notes between the notes.” We call it Freedom of Pitch.

Infinitone DMT is a new DAW plugin (VST3/AU) that fits seamlessly into the modern musical workflow and can dynamically retune nearly any hardware or software synth* in real time. It provides a synergistic integrated set of microtonal tools that any musician, working in any genre, can use to expand radically the expressive range of their music. Musicians can derive instant musical inspiration from accessing notes, scales, and chords they have never played before.
Infinitone DMT can be used for composition, sound design, or real time performance.

-Access an extensive array of curated presets that are guaranteed to be inspiring. (No music theory necessary to get started, and no rummaging through confusing cluttered tuning banks!)
-Custom Tuning Parameters allow musicians to easily select, adjust, permute, add, or remove pitches according to taste (tweak or create scales like you tweak or create synth patches!)
-Use powerful Tuning Generators to create arrays of pitches, aka Tunings, that have a cohesive aesthetically pleasing sound (like a “color palette”). Select subsets of these Tunings to create an infinite variety of new chords and scales.
-A colorful and interactive Scale Viewer allows musicians to get a visual representation of the currently Active Scale as well as an overview of up to 64 related Scales in a single preset. (You can switch between Scales in real time!)
-Innovate Tuning Effects, including Morph, Beating, and Detuning can add powerful expression to all Tunings, including standard 12-tone music.
-All Infinitone DMT parameters can be automated or controlled in real time for endless possibilities of innovative dynamic tuning expression. -Sustained pitches bend in real time, so as parameters are updated, pitches bend right along.
-Select only the notes you need at the moment, and map them however you want on your keyboard (making navigating larger microtonal tunings easy).
-The powerful Infinitone Keyboard Mapping (IKBM) system allows notes to be rearranged however the user desires. Single keys can even be assigned to chords, making it possible to play advanced microtonal chord progressions using one finger!
-The overall design and integration of features makes Infinitone DMT an inspiring, intuitive… and even addictive… creative tool. It is hard to describe Infinitone DMT in words, but once you get a taste of all the new musical possibilities, there is no going back to merely the standard 12 notes!
*Note: for polyphony, a synth with MPE, multi-channel, MTS-ESP, multi-timbral or MTS Tuning Dump capability is needed.

How It's Innovative

When we think about modern musical innovation, certain things come straight to mind: the electric guitar, the synthesizer, the multi-track recorder, the sampler, MIDI, the digital audio work station. These are unparalleled innovations that radically transform the way music is made. Infinitone DMT falls in that same category. Infinitone DMT is not merely a nifty variation on an age-old theme. It is a groundbreaking paradigm shifting technology that will transform how music is made… forever!
Think about it like this: while painters have access to a full spectrum of colors including the basic colors of the rainbow and all of the colors in between, modern musicians are generally confined to merely the familiar 12 notes. But what if a “musical palette” analogous to that used to add depth and nuance to the painter’s art is also accessible to musicians, as a continuum of tones? We know how essential color is to the painter’s art… what if unlimited pitch selection was an inseparable tool in music creation?
With Infinitone DMT, for the first time in history, this is finally possible! These days, millions of new songs are being published each year, almost all using the same standard 12 notes. This makes it nearly impossible to stand out of the homogenous crowd of music out in the world today. (Just look at the number of copyright lawsuits in the music industry these days!) Not only that, but the standard 12 notes hardwired into nearly all modern music technologies totally ignore the diverse range of tuning possibilities that are used throughout the world, as well as the rich possibilities for the music of the future.
For the first time in history, there is no more need to conform to a rigid, narrow, and ubiquitous tuning standard. Musicians can tune musical notes according to personal feeling and taste, to make a huge leap in creating their unique sound, carve out their own musical identify, and stand out of the crowd. Flexible pitch instruments like the voice, trombone, fretless string instruments have always had access to “freedom of pitch”.
However, Infinitone DMT catapults tuning expression to profound new heights through its combination of precision science and aesthetic curation. Infinitone DMT is not the first microtuning technology to be created, but it is the first designed to be a part of every musicians tool kit. Programs like Scala have existed for years, but they are technically overwhelming and confusing. On top of that, Scala and other similar programs are standalone-only and cannot be integrated into a standard DAW environment. Some modern and vintage synths do allow for microtuning, but it can be next to impossible to find a suitable tuning in confusing banks of stagnant presets. In the last couple years, some new microtuning plugins and utilities have come into existence, but their feature sets are generally either technical and confusing, or overly limited.
Infinitone DMT is the perfect synergistic balance of integrated features that empowers all musicians from early-microtonal-explorers to seasoned-microtonalist-adventurers alike to achieve new heights of musical innovation and expression. What the future of music holds in store, now with Infinitone DMT available worldwide, is truly only limited by the limits of our imagination!

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

The most inspiring part of sharing Infinitone DMT with the world has been to see the astounding diversity of musical genres for which it can be used and to see the birth of a diverse array of new musical genres the likes of which we have never experienced before. Not only does Infinitone DMT enable a powerful new means of cross-cultural communication, it also provides a pathway for musical and cultural evolution of the future.

Expansion Plans

There are many expansion plans! Microtuning is a vast multiverse, and we have many plans to expand our feature set and improve user experience. On top of that, several new plugins are already in development that apply the same level of musical freedoms in Infinitone DMT to other musical parameters! We are also very excited to also begin incorporating the new capabilities of MIDI 2.0 into our software technologies.
We believe that Freedom of Pitch is something that every musician, regardless of genre or origin, deserves in their creative process. Thus we are also planning a massive international educational and marketing outreach so that more musicians can be made aware of dynamic microtuning possibilities and can feel the inspiration and creative empowerment that go along with utilizing them in music making.


Infinitone DMT is commercially available for the introductory price of $99.