Incredible Instruments 16x16 midi matrix router

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Submitted by:Raymond Evans

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Incredible Instruments 16x16 midi matrix router

An innovative rack mount 16x16 matrix router for the MIDI 2.0 routing needs of the studio and stage.

Product Description

Incredible Instruments 16x16 midi matrix router

The Mid matrix router is a midi controlled Midi router with 16 inputs and 16 outputs. Each input is routable to any or all of the 16 outputs. Up to 256 memory locations Each snapshot of the routing can be modified on the fly from the front panel or via midi Easily readable front display

How It's Innovative

There is a shortage of midi interfaces on the market and those that exist are limited in the range of equipment they can communicate with. The midi matrix addresses this problem and will enable the modern studio or live arena to access multiple input streams and route them to a variety of output destinations with full control of routing via midi or manually from a simple front panel control. The unit utilises high speed opto-isolators which can easily handle the data stream speeds of Midi 2.0 The internal design allows for expansion of the amount of channels it can route the 16 inputs to, up to a maximum of 256 outputs. The router utilises a powerful ARM processor and can easily handle midi modification of the incoming data on the fly (such as merge or message filtering or sync) All memory slots are battery backed up in case of power failure. The unit is available in a 3U high rack mountable unit.

Most Inspiring Use Cases

The live arena and the recording studio are the main environments envisaged for use and both have similar requirements. With the advent of Midi 2.0 and the ability to control to an incredible resolution and to incorporate audio into the same data stream the industry is now looking forward to a scenario that Midi 1.0 offered but could not technologically achieve.

Just as the modern studio aspires to have a flat frequency response on its audio monitoring systems the studios will now be able to offer a flat industry standard control and audio system. Keyboard, drum machines, synthesisers, samplers, lighting rigs, mixers, lighting and pyro FX can be easily setup and transported from studio to studio or arena to arena, and each scenario saved to a cloud store minimising set up times and facilitating integration and synchronisation that has never been available before, The midi Matrix will be at the core of all of these products as the conductor and director.

Expansion Plans

Future plans include the release of several other products from the Incredible Instruments range including a FM synthesiser and Analogue synthesiser with one control per function capabilities, a hand held four pad wireless drum trigger for the studio finger tappers, a hardware midi controller for the Arturia Moog Modular and hardware midi controllers for the Native instruments Flesh synthesiser and the Native instruments Metaphysical Reaktor Synth


The unit will be available to order in the near future from the Incredible Instruments website, utilising social media and advertising on commercial Youtube channels and industry advertising. The unit will be offered at a sub £500 price point and will be launched on Kick Starter to offer early adopters the opportunity to purchase at a significant discount.