Categories: Artistic/Visual Project or Installation

Submitted by:Kieran Sullivan

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Genu is a first-of-a-kind audio-visual performance. The performer creates live music in VR which drives their environment.

Product Description


GenuXR is a virtual performance system that utilizes elements of VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and XR (extended reality) to create an immersive performance environment that can be enjoyed by the performer and the audience alike. GenuXR is built with a focus on understanding and incorporating new technology with performance needs in order to create a new experience from the bottom up, as opposed to layering new technology on top of existing performance tools and practices. When using GenuXR the performer is enveloped in a ‘holodeck’ where they can interact with the custom-built digital interfaces to perform their music live whilst being surrounded by visuals responding to their music. This system uses XR techniques so that the audience can also view the performance from both an external point of view and the performer's point of view via live video feed. Technically, GenuXR uses MIDI to pass data to and from the performer's music setup (their digital audio workstation of choice), allowing them to create the same high quality music they normally do whilst feeding all that data back into the virtual environment.

How It's Innovative

Genu moves beyond existing VR musical tools. Not only is the system being used to trigger audio in an external music DAW, but the musical data is then fed back into the environment to drive the visuals. The performers’ movement is then captured using XR/VP techniques putting them at the center of the action.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

I hope that GenuXR will provide a starting point for a whole new genre of interactive musical & performance art.

Expansion Plans

The main next objective in terms of expansion once funding is obtained is R&D into how best to display the system on a physical stage.


I am currently reaching out to various electronic music artists, building partnerships with production and marketing companies and seeking further funding to bring GenuXR to market.