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Submitted by:Intuitive Instruments

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


The expressive MPE controller and intuitive software to produce, perform and learn music

Product Description


Complementary and independent, Exquis keyboard and app provide easy access to sound control and harmony, and propose an efficient workflow to create both live or in studio.

How It's Innovative

Exquis is a concentrate of innovations that are useful for musicians of all levels: - By default, Exquis's hexagonal matrix of keys puts notes that sound good together (thirds) next to one another: chords are invariable and ergonomic shapes, easy to play, learn and understand. - The backlit keys allow to display any musical scale (or any custom map), guiding the player on the right path and still allowing to play out of it. More than 350 scales available! - The keys are independently velocity, pressure, and inclination-sensitive (MIDI Polyphonic Expression protocol) ; the silicone of the keys is both firm enough to play percussion and short notes with precision, and soft enough to modulate long notes with sensitivity. - The unique creative workflow (buttons on the keyboard + app) allows anyone to create a song in rhythm within minutes and very simple gestures : picking a sound, recording loops, and directing songs (live or programming them in advance). - Quantization includes tuplets (uncommon beat divisions such as 1/5, 1/7...) to make interesting rhythms

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Music is not about playing lots of notes, but choosing the right ones and make them live. On Exquis, everything is designed to guide to the right notes, play harmonious chords, and master expressivity without the need of theoretical and technical knowledge. Allowing both beginners and experienced musicians from all horizons play something satisfying within seconds on Exquis is what we are the most proud of.

Expansion Plans

This version is the basis of the product line. Other note layouts, all-in-one instruments, adapting our existing musical game/method, AI composition assistant,... there are lots of exciting ideas we want to develop around Exquis!


After a Kickstarter campaign and preorders on our website for a release in mid-2023, we aim to sell Exquis via the main music franchises of Europe, USA and Asia.