Entonal Studio

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Submitted by:Adam Wilson

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Entonal Studio

Entonal Studio is an audio application and plugin that gives musicians the ability to use and create alternative tunings in their music, in any environment.

Product Description

Entonal Studio

Entonal Studio is an inspiring tool for utilising, visualising and editing microtonal tunings. It runs on macOS, Windows and Linux. It's main focus is on Scales and how, together with a Mapping, they define a Tuning.

Scale intervals can be described using ratios, cents, or mathematical expressions. Scales can be visualised on a radial graph, as well as a lattice for just intonation scales.

Three pitchbend-based tuning modes are available: MIDI (for standard monophonic MIDI), MPE, and Multichannel (for multi-timbral instruments).

Entonal Studio can also be an MTS-ESP master plugin to transmit tunings to compatible client plugins. Custom mappings allow the user to define how scales are mapped across the keyboard. By default, incoming pitchbends are interpolated according to the mapping, allowing MPE controllers to be used with fluid pitch bends. Pitchbend information is accurately reflected in the graph so the user can see how pitchbends are altering the current tuning.

How It's Innovative

- Entonal Studio can host plugins, allowing users to play and edit tunings with their favourite software instruments, both as a standalone application and in any host, without relying on sometimes complex MIDI routing which is not supported in all hosts. - Entonal Studio will connect and synchronise to a "cloud" tuning database. This will allow users to share tunings across applications and devices, and with each other. Instead of sending and storing tuning files, users will be able keep all their tunings in one place.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

1. Lowering the barrier to entry for microtonal composition and music production. Making it fun and easy.
2. Allowing users to share tunings easily, for instance a music producer designs a scale in their DAW, and then shares it with a violinist who can then load it in the Entonal Tuner app and practice the intonation before a recording session.

Expansion Plans

A web portal is planned where users will be able to view and edit their tunings online. Please note the following features are still in development but planned for the version 1.0 release in July.
- Lattice view
- "Cloud" tuning database synchronisation
- Sending Scala files over Sysex
- MTS over Sysex


Currently in Early Access phase, the planned launch date is 12th July.