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Submitted by:Michael Cain

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Ekwe™, a unique app for music making, brings a new level of ease and accessibility to digital music creation.

Product Description


Ekwe brings a new level of ease and accessibility to digital music creation. Ekwe’s intuitive compositional canvas enables creators of all ages to explore a rich library of 150 authentic musical instruments sampled from around the world as well as contemporary electronic instruments and loops to create, collaborate, edit and share their compositions.

How It's Innovative

Ekwe facilitates a workflow that moves beyond genre and allows users to learn about instruments from around the world, ancient to contemporary, while playing and creating with those instruments. It's seamlessly a learning tool, compositional tool, and musical instrument.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Watching absolute beginners have successful music creation experiences and create interesting, compelling, and fulfilling music.

Expansion Plans

I just returned from India where Ekwe had a large-scale beta residency at AR Rahman's school, the KM Conservatory of Music and Technology. They've asked to be early adopters, have plans for similar adoption in institutions in the UK and Africa, among others. Plan to pursue a Series A funding round in the fall to support large scale marketing plan.


Launch the spring of 2023 as consumer product at $19.95 annual subscription, and enterprise level at $1500 unlimited school building license package. We plan to lean our extensive relationships with schools throughout the US and several key "famous" musicians as ambassadors.