Casio CT-S1000V

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24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Casio CT-S1000V

The Casiotone CT-S1000V gives your music a brand new voice: Its own. Along with 800 stunning Tones and a wealth of musical tools, the CT-S1000V features new Vocal Synthesis technology that brings your words to life.

Product Description

Casio CT-S1000V

Boldly defying convention, the CT-S1000V does what no other keyboard can do: Speak or type your lyrics into the free Lyric Creator app for iOS/Android, transfer them to the CT- S1000V, and play the keys to hear your words come alive. Choose from multiple vocalist models, and adjust age, vibrato, portamento and other parameters in real time. It can produce choirs, robotic sounds, vocoder-like textures, and more. You can even create a custom vocalist based on an audio recording. Just type or speak your lyrics into the free Lyric Creator app for Android and iOS, then transfer them to the CT-S1000V to play them right away. You can create choirs, talkboxes, vocoder effects, and more with a built-in variety of Vocalist models.

How It's Innovative

The CT-S1000V is the first music instrument to provide polyphonic vocal synthesis in English and Japanese.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

We've heard from so many users including some with disabilities. The CT-S1000V can actually provide a voice for people that otherwise can not sing.

Expansion Plans

The CT-S1000V is part of a series of Casiotone instruments.


The CT-S1000V is currently for sale at music dealers worldwide.