Camelot Pro

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Submitted by:Audio Modeling

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Camelot Pro

One program to rule them all: MIDI patchbay/router, setlist manager, digital mixer, software instrument and effects host, PDF music score display, multitrack audio player

Product Description

Camelot Pro

Camelot was designed to address the most complex live performance needs with a simple, guided workflow. In a single app, Camelot provides a convenient and beautifully designed digital performance workstation that, in the past, could only be approximated with a complex setup of applications and devices stitched together. Camelot is cross-platform and is available for macOS, Windows and iPad OS.

How It's Innovative

Camelot is revolutionary, not in inventing a new technology, but by providing a breakthrough in user experience. Camelot has a foundation deeply rooted in the MIDI protocol, using MIDI to its maximum capability and, in some cases, anticipating the possibilities offered by the new MIDI 2.0 protocol. The MIDI engine in Camelot is not limited to sending basic messages; it delivers a plug & play experience with instruments. Camelot Smart Maps communicate intimately with hardware devices, requiring only a minimal knowledge of MIDI to select and recall from a list of presets in the instrument. You can switch modes or manage multi-part patches in a hardware device directly in Camelot without accessing the device’s front panel. MIDI routing and processing unlocks endless configurations of your system. Imagine playing instruments from a controller, then switching seamlessly to another configuration that plays different tone generators and audio effects from the same controller - or from a different controller. Software routing eliminates the need to unplug and re-plug MIDI cables on the fly! Camelot’s Smart Scene Transition is unique in that it not only allows switching scenes without interrupting the sound, it also performs smooth MIDI transitions between different routings and configurations. For example, if you are transitioning to a scene that does not contain a MIDI device used in the current scene, no stuck notes occur because Camelot intelligently keeps the MIDI instances from the previous scene alive until you release the key pressed or the sustain pedal. The MIDI Port Manager is the best ever created, and doesn’t rely on aliases or technicalities. When a MIDI port designated for use is missing, a red badge alerts you to address the issue. You might replace the missing port or reconfigure your setlist to use different hardware. All with one button press. Easy.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

While MIDI is intended to integrate hardware and software instruments that implement it, the reality is that MIDI instruments do not communicate with each other as smoothly as they should. Musicians should be able to benefit from the technology without having to wrestle with technicalities. Camelot realizes the potential of MIDI and provides a great user experience that connects hardware and software instruments from different manufacturers, as if they all sat at the same roundtable (hence the name “Camelot”). Too many musicians are not yet aware that Camelot puts magic only one click away.

Expansion Plans

Audio Modeling is working to add video playback on the Timeline, as well as as DMX and light show management, to make the show management experience even richer. MIDI 2.0, iPhone and Accessibility support are on the roadmap, as well. Audio Modeling wants to reach new musicians, backliners, and schools. Audio Modeling already offers an Educational Program with a 50% discount for students and teachers, but we want to build a B2B channel dedicated to schools and universities that will include volume licenses and dedicated support.


Camelot Pro can be downloaded from the webstore at https://audiomodeling.com/camelot/try-buy/, as well as a FREE version that is limited to 10 Items.. Camelot for iPadis available in the Apple App Store at: https://apps.apple.com/app/camelot-pro/id1326331127. Audio Modeling also has distributors and resellers around the globe: https://audiomodeling.com/resellers