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Submitted by:Jeff Bernett

10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch


Caedence is a browser-based practice & performance platform that syncs chords, lyrics, MIDI, audio, and video, and delivers just what is needed to each member of your band.

Product Description


Caedence is a patented browser-based music performance platform that synchronizes chord charts, notation, lyrics, MIDI, audio, lighting, video, and other applications across devices in real time to help musicians create expressive and shared musical moments–remotely or in real life.

Caedence lets you customize, sync, and control your entire performance. There’s no software to download or hardware to buy–just use any device that runs a modern browser, and all your data is saved in real time in the cloud.

Some Core Features:

- Charts, chords, & diagrams

 – Standard notation

- Lyrics

- Audio backing tracks with mixing & routing ability

- Web MIDI API allowing for 2-way communication with MIDI-ready software & hardware

- Lighting & other visuals via MIDI to DMX

- Synced images & video

- MIDI control changes & clock

- Control of other applications & DAWs

 - Fine-tune timing offsets for MIDI & audio

- MIDI thru

- MIDI learn function to assign commands to controllers

- Inserting MIDI & other commands with scripts

How It's Innovative

There is currently no other technology that allows musicians to customize, sync, display, and manage all aspects of a performance–including charts and notation–across different devices in real time. Since Caedence is 100% browser-based, there is no software to download or hardware required–just an internet connection and a modern browser. Harnessing this power, Caedence lets musicians control audio, MIDI, stage visuals, and display elements synced in the cloud–across different devices.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

We believe that the collective imagination of Caedence users will eventually put this response to shame. In the meantime, the thought of a band being able to perform confidently with synchronized lights, video, images, (flying drones?), backing tracks, MIDI, and charts & lyrics across devices makes us feel extremely inspired. We also look forward to a time when musicians can create more interactive performances by sharing content (like lyrics, images, and more) to audience members' devices. Ultimately, the opportunity to give precious time and creative energy back to musicians – so they can push themselves and their art forward – is what inspires us the most.

Expansion Plans

We plan to expand into these markets and others in the future: - Working musicians - Worship bands - K-12 education - Post-secondary education - Private music tutors - Music therapy - DJs - Hobbyists


Yes–Caedence will soon be available in a multi-tiered subscription SaaS format.