Brightness Panner

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24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Brightness Panner

Panning sounds in 3D, based on MIDI (Note) information - from flying arpeggios in Dolby Atmos to subtle movements in stereo

Product Description

Brightness Panner

Brightness Panner is a panner which is controlled by the brightness/pitch of the sound, capable of working in all formats (stereo, 5.1, 7,.1.2, ambisonics, binaural, etc.). Instead of static panning, or boring auto pan movements, Brightness Panner reacts to the sound, adding live to mixes with much more organic movements. With 3 operation mode, Brightness can react to either MIDI (note on events), pitch (pitch detector) or brightness (brightness analyzer), which is used to control the movement of the sound. Brightness Panner was reviewed by Sound on Sound magazine in their October 2021 issue.

How It's Innovative

Brightness Panner core innovation is based on simplicity - simple to use, large audience, organic results, and helping bringing live to mixes. 1. Spatial Sound Spatial audio is the new trend in music, with new formats like Dolby Atmos for Music and others. Brightness Panner allows people to create amazing results with music and spatial audio. And even those that still work in stereo, can take advantage of Brightness Panner to bring life to their mixes 2. Simplicity By placing Brightness Panner on a DAW, after a virtual instrument, our plugin is able to use the original MIDI information that was used on the virtual instrument, to pan its sound around. No complex setups, no external routing, no MIDI loopback drivers. Using regular plugins in regular DAWs. 3. Creativity Artists think about panning as a static tool - some sounds go here, some other sounds go over there, and that's it! And the only alternative is using boring auto pans, with boring ping pong movements. Since Brightness Panner uses the input sound or input MIDI to control its movement, it offers a much more organic results, reacting to the input sound and bringing life to mixes. 4. Simply Works Something that simply works, and that is why we have world class users such as Jean Michel Jarre, among many others.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

It doesn't matter how crazy or how smooth you want to go. Imagine flying arpeggios in Dolby Atmos... Sounds floating around you, in 3D, whose movement is controlled by the MIDI notes being used. Perfect for electronic music with immersive audio. Or subtle movements in stereo, with a piano sound, allowing music to breath and slightly move to the right side as higher notes are played. Or simply increase the stereo width on higher notes, and returning to almost mono sound on lower notes. And all in-between scenarios.

Expansion Plans

In the future, we want to continue to expand our line of Dynamic Panners, and even include more MIDI features in Brightness Panner. One new feature that was recently implemented, and will be released soon, was a request by Jean Michel Jarre (the famous electronic musician) to use random positions fired by MIDI notes - a new midi "note on" event will pan the sound to a random position in space.


Brightness Panner is already on sale (released in April 2021), with a price of $49, allowing anyone to buy it.