Bome MIDI-CI Initiator + Bome MIDI-CI Responder

Categories: Software Prototypes/Non-Commercial Products

Submitted by:Florian Bomers / Bome Software

10 May 2022

Elevator Pitch

Bome MIDI-CI Initiator + Bome MIDI-CI Responder

Use the MIDI-CI Initiator and the MIDI-CI Responder simulator in your MIDI 2.0 development -- or run them together for learning and teaching.

Product Description

Bome MIDI-CI Initiator + Bome MIDI-CI Responder

This entry consists of two complementary software tools for Windows and macOS. They are primarily meant to assist developers in testing their MIDI 2.0 devices and software. But because they visualize MIDI-CI discovery, Profiles, and Property Exchange, they're also very well suited for learning these core MIDI-CI concepts, and teaching them. 1) The Bome MIDI-CI Initiator acts like a MIDI-CI host. Just select a MIDI IN/OUT port pair, and the tool runs a MIDI-CI discovery, Profile discovery, and Property Exchange discovery. You can also enable/disable Profiles and inspect discovered Property Exchange Resources. This tool is great for testing your MIDI-CI Responder implementation. 2) The Bome MIDI-CI Responder tool simulates a MIDI-CI Responder (like a MIDI device). By default, it operates on a virtual MIDI port pair, but you can also manually select a MIDI IN/OUT port pair. On this MIDI connection, the tool responds to MIDI-CI discoveries, Profile discovery, and Property Exchange discovery: a) Discovery: respond with editable discovery info. b) Profiles: add/edit arbitrary profiles (by ID) on port or on specific channels, save and load profiles to/from .json files. c) Property Exchange: add/edit arbitrary named Resources with static data in JSON format, save and load resources to/from .json files. Additionally, both tools have these features: - button for invalidating MUID - button for sending a Discovery message - log window with option to show hexadecimal MIDI messages - configurable maximum sys-ex size - configurable maximum number of Property Exchange streams - configurable Property Exchange cache time - dark/light mode The tools implement the published MIDI-CI specification v1.1. Download here (for MA members): https://github.com/midi-mma/bome-midici-tools/releases

How It's Innovative

MIDI 2.0 Developers had been pretty much on their own for testing and validating their implementation. The main available development tool so far, the MIDI 2.0 Workbench, does not act as a MIDI-CI Responder and it has a different scope with much more features. With these Bome MIDI-CI tools, developers can quickly set up a simulated MIDI-CI Responder that provides the features they need, or use the MIDI-CI Initiator as a quick & easy tool to test their MIDI-CI Responder implementation.

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Most Inspiring Use Cases

The tools complement the written specification and will hopefully facilitate MIDI-CI development, help developers creating more interoperable devices and software. In summary, the hope is to contribute that we will see more actual MIDI 2.0 products, and to see them sooner. In addition to serving as a development tool, the software visualizes MIDI-CI, and allows you to watch MIDI-CI in action. Thus, it is great for learning and understanding how MIDI-CI works.

Expansion Plans

More platforms: in short term, release on Linux (intel 64-bit, and ARM / Raspberry Pi). Mid-term iOS and possibly Android. Improve Property Exchange: there are a number of optional Property Exchange features which aren't implemented yet. Add more MIDI 2.0 features: a simulator for Protocol Negotiation, and, as new MIDI 2.0 specifications get ratified, implement them, too.


No commercialization plans: it is planned to be published as freeware.