Black BT SusEx Pedal

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Submitted by:Black BT LLP

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Black BT SusEx Pedal

World's first pedal that combines both footswitch and expression pedal functionalities in a single unified form factor with BLE MIDI capability and auto-mode switching.

Product Description

Black BT SusEx Pedal

The SusEx pedal is the world's very first combination pedal that gives both footswitch and continuous control capability unified into a single portable form factor. The SusEx with its inbuilt microcontroller programmed to generate BLE MIDI messages makes it the perfect standalone wireless MIDI pedal designed to replace traditional sustain and expression pedals. The SusEx is also the first pedal capable of auto-sensing foot position on the top surface of the pedal to automatically switch between sustain and expression modes. The SusEx also comes with an inbuilt 1/4" phono socket for backwards compatibility for wired SUSTAIN/FOOTSWITCH pedal functionalities, with polarity switching for SUSTAIN functionality. There is a dedicated MODE Switch for changing between SUSTAIN, EXPRESSION & AUTO-MODE functionalities. The USB-C provides charging, firmware update and future compatibility with a DAC based wired expression control breakout adapter.

How It's Innovative

1. It is the first combo pedal that can work as both a footswitch pedal and a continuous control pedal

2. It is the first pedal capable of auto-switching modes by sensing the foot position on the top surface of the pedal

3. THe inbuilt microcontroller generating BLE Midi enables it work as a standalone MIDI device capable of connecting to all BLEMidi enabled devices as a controller.

4. Inbuilt 1/4'' phono socket provides backward compatible wired SUSTAIN pedal function with polarity switching

5. Software reassignment of MIDI signals can give rise to advanced control functionalities.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

1. Instantaneous switching of modes between SUSTAIN &EXPRESSION controls in the middle of LIVE performance does away the need to have multiple pedals onstage while switching between percussive tones and continous slow attack sounds.

2. Portable composing setups can now have both SUSTAINand EXPRESSION pedals in one portably sized form factor that fits into the laptop bag.

3. In setups with only MOD wheel as continous controller options SusEx free both hands of the performer to give a true polyphonic performance.

Expansion Plans

1. We are currently developing a software plugin for re-assigning CC and ON/OFF MIDI messages fromSusEx to other functionalities as well. 2. We are also developing an iOS/Android App for touch access to these higher functions. 3. We are currently developing the flagship model of the SusEx pedal which will take the new paradigm of combo-pedals to the next dimension. 4. We are also developing a DACbased USB-C breakout adapter for wired expression control as well.


Having raised 200K USD via angel funding SusEx has been fully designed and developed in-house by Black BT LLP and will be available for pre-order from June 3rd. Meeting distributors and retailers from various markets around the world at NAMM'22 is a big part of our commercialization plans. D2C available through the Black BT store at black-bt.com.