Big Ear: Learn & Make Music

Categories: Software Prototypes/Non-Commercial Products

Submitted by:Aviv Ben-Yehuda

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Big Ear: Learn & Make Music

We gamify music learning and composition to make it fun, social and inclusive, with no need for music instrument ( MIDI instrument over USB - optional).

Product Description

Big Ear: Learn & Make Music

Big Ear is a mobile first game/app that could be described as LEGO for music. While solving musical puzzles, users learn how music works, e.g. building a whole song or a musical theme (scales, melody patterns, intervals, chords or rhythms). Connecting to MIDI instrument over USB allows users to interact with the puzzles through the instrument! The smart composer/sequencer is equipped with creative settings, like 9 scales/modes and have fun features, like every saved song create a puzzles-set and reverse button to reverse the song. The social area allow users to engage with peers' content, eg songs, puzzles etc.

How It's Innovative

Big Ear combines music learning and composition and makes it social with fun features. Make a Song - Make a Game! Any song saved will auto-create a puzzles-set that could be share with the community! Reversing a song with one button click, allows users to create music challenges for social media. Eg. "guess the song it's in reverse". MIDI connectivity allows users to interact with puzzles through their instruments

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Songs auto creates puzzles-set and solving musical puzzles with a MIDI instrument.

Expansion Plans

Partnering with music/media brands.


Big Ear reached 100,000 school districts downloads in the USA. We are planing on monetizing that. We plan on partnering (B2B) with media companies that have music and youngsters at their to bring fun music creativity to their audiences. And of course B2C.