Big Ear

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24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Big Ear

Empowering the next generation's musical IQ by simplifying music learning and creativity. Solve musical puzzles on your mobile device from your MIDI instrument!

Product Description

Big Ear

We simplify music learning and composition with a focus on how music works and musical IQ. Big Ear provides a great entry into the world of music for youngsters, before they even make their instrument choice. It is a mobile app/game that could be described as a LEGO for music.

The app core modes: Puzzles, Concert, Composer and Practice are comprehensive and have a friendly learning curve. Fun features like "reverse a song" and "make a song make a game" are supporting social interaction, for example to create musical challenges.

We also help teachers to teach and evaluate music with specific features. For starters no instrument is needed, but connectivity to MIDI instruments is available. 


How It's Innovative

Big Ear is a combination of a simple but effective composer (sequencer), musical puzzles and social features. We gamify the composition process for the user and allow them to build songs in musical puzzles, phrase by phrase. Every phrase is build from scratch, following a dictation.

The user is learning by doing and having fun. Special features: "Make a Song Make a Game" feature will transform any user song into puzzles game play automatically. By sharing a user song these puzzles are available to the in app's community. "Reverse a song" feature allow users to reverse any song in the in app composer (Sequencer). These reversed songs can be use in musical challenges, for example, "Guess the Song - It's in Reverse". Teachers tools allow evaluation of students music skills.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Big Ear is the official music learning app of Lang Lang International Music Foundation and is complementing the piano lab set up. In a school district (NC) tens of thousands of students are using Big Ear independently, show casing the student driven learning potential.

Expansion Plans

Developing a suite of apps that will engage users with the world of music and sound while allowing interactivity with MIDI instruments to enhance the user experience also out side the apps. Additionally, using AI to personalise the user experience and learning.


The app is free to download from Apple's AppStore and Google Play Store (Including ChromeBooks). There is free content and premium content is subscription based. To teachers, schools and districts we offer teacher tools with subscription fees.