Beat Scholar

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Submitted by:Modalics

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch

Beat Scholar

Innovative MIDI sequencer that uses a "Pizza"-like circular interface to give you granular control over any beat division.

Product Description

Beat Scholar

Beat Scholar is a new MIDI sequencer plugin that tries to present a new way to compose rhythms in the digital domain. The circular "Pizza-like" interface allows to slice, shift any beat into any subdivision, which allows for quite a bit of musical exploration! Essentially, the plugin allows you to set a "flexible grid" per beat, and have that change constantly during the creation of patterns. Beat Scholar's interface lets you also input any drum on any place in the circular, which lets you create linear music without pre-allocating sequencer rows/slots for the different drums. The patterns are also in infinite length, and can have any mixture of time signature, which are yet again independent per pattern. Other unique features include: negative swing, a way to set the swing reference, a stylized randomizer brush with user-created randomize presets, a capable sampler with the ability to load custom samples and more. Beat Scholar is a standalone and VST3/AU/AAX plugin that interfaces with pretty much every drum machine/sound source that exists, and takes the rhythmic expression you can achieve with any MIDI-supported instrument to the next level.

How It's Innovative

Beat Scholar gives you the ability to control subdivision in a very granular and visual way - each beat is not only divided to a custom grid, but also can incorporate multiple drums, letting you explore many kind of rhythms that are very difficult to achieve with traditional sequencers or drum machines. Also, the ability to have forward/negative swing with a custom reference that allows to have a different "steady" part VS a "swinging part" is quite unique.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

We love to see users using Beat Scholar to trigger all kinds of other instruments. Many metal composers like to use it to create polyrhythmic riffs, due to its ability to "jam" over different time signature with different patterns. Many creators see it as a main tool to create "Trap" like hi-hats and percussion tracks due to its 'wild' nature.

Expansion Plans

We are constantly updating Beat Scholar with many new features, rhythm exploring options, new randomizers, and new customization options, as well as new sounds.


Beat Scholar is currently selling on our website, as well as sometimes with 3rd party resellers like Plugin Boutique, and in the Mac App Store. We're about to release an iPad version (Standalone/AUv3 plugin) for the iOS App Store as well.