Categories: Software Prototypes/Non-Commercial Products

Submitted by:Chris Samuels

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Bace transforms your voice into a MIDI controller.

Product Description


Bace transforms your voice into a MIDI controller. Our patent pending AI technology uses voice-recognition to control MIDI in real-time. Bace includes 4 tracks that can be trained to recognize your voice. Each track sends out MIDI data and communicates on it's own MIDI channel giving you tons of flexibility to control multiple sound sources at once. Open the AU or VST3 plug-in inside your DAW or use the Standalone app to control hardware and software.

How It's Innovative

Bace is currently the only voice to MIDI plug-in solution. We've specifically built our voice-recognition technology to play nice with any DAW. This includes complex machine learning data being saved and recalled right inside the host. Additionally, the standalone app comes with our custom built Bace Virtual Port for ease of use when trying to connect to other audio software.

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

Closing the gap between idea and creation. We see the future of music-making as a way of removing complexity and empowering intuition. Bace was born from my inherent desire to capture a drum beat with my voice and translate it into real music at the moment of inspiration. By making music technology more intuitive, we will not only unleash creativity from experienced creators but provide anyone an opportunity to express themselves in new ways.

Expansion Plans

Our initial focus is on the type of user who understands MIDI and already uses audio software. Our next step is to make it fun for any user with a computer or phone. This means providing sounds and utilizing the sophisticated microphone we all carry in our pockets everyday.


After our current beta testing, we'll make it available in all the major plug-in marketplaces and the app store.