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Submitted by:Mirta Gilson

24 May 2023

Elevator Pitch


Audiotool’s cloud-based digital audio workstation (DAW) taking advantage of Midi 2.0 in the web to enable real time collaboration

Product Description


Audiotool is an award-winning, cloud-based digital audio workstation (DAW) that runs right in your browser. The free cross-platform DAW has all of the tools for entry-level and professional music producers to unleash their creative potential.
Our comprehensive platform gives music creators limitless opportunities to create and collaborate in real time with the Audiotool community.

Connecting musicians, artists, producers, students and fans worldwide - Audiotool helps our community grow, develop and refine their music production skills with immediate feedback from fellow users. MIDI allows producers to play any studio synthesizer via midi-keyboard, control any studio parameter via a midi-controller and record any midi input.

With MIDI 2.0 we will be able to make the production workflows with MIDI devices and other MIDI software smoother and access will be in higher resolution. This will especially benefit artists that are collaborating on Audiotool. Our open collaborative feature is unique to Audiotool as it allows creators to continuously share updates and progress as part of their musical journey.

Audiotool is the perfect companion for STEM and music educators to help students reach a deeper understanding of sound and audio production.

How It's Innovative

With MIDI, Audiotool producers can control any studio parameter via a midi-controller which is visible in collaboration mode. Collaboration means producers can collaboratively work on the same project in the cloud - think Google docs for music production.

With MIDI 2.0, we’ll enable a jamming mode where all MIDI is distributed to all collaboration attendees live - with a better resolution on parameter controls (which we’re extremely excited about). Audiotool is the only full featured DAW with proper audio synthesis that has solved making music together, live in a browser.

We’re encouraging collaboration and opening up the creative process of music making to others: artists publish their tracks for others to learn from them, remix these tracks, to collaborate live and to get feedback from others through all the social functions within the community. What others say about Audiotool:

- “To anybody who is interested in making electronic music I would definitely say, check this out. You can really do everything that you would normally do in a real-world studio” - Richie Hawtin

- “I really love how easy it is to collaborate with someone. Two of you can be online at the same time, or you can go back and forth editing the same draft at different times. It's flexible and very convenient.” - Vulkron

- “Audiotool is a supportive, caring and enriching community. The resources made available have helped me grow as a producer and allow me to share that with others who are just as passionate to make great music. Being completely online is the next step for DAW based production and I see Audiotool leading the way.” - Naswalt

“Audiotool's community is one that has proven time and time again that it has raised up some amazing artists that if Audiotool wasn't as accessible as it is, might not have been able to make beautiful compositions and killer jams.” - Joe

Audiotool collaboration

See MIDI Innovation In Action

Most Inspiring Use Cases

MIDI live jam over the internet: Audiotool is already used to produce music together and exchange midi data between collaborators over the internet. Our upcoming version of Audiotool will support different use cases of collaboration with specific features to present, contribute or to live jam.

The implementation of MIDI 2.0 will allow us to extend our feature set regarding metadata exchange in live jams and will also improve the user experience.

Expansion Plans

Our users come from 160+ different countries, however the majority is from North America and Europe. Of our >3M registered users >50% are from the US. We’re working to expand our community in underrepresented countries and for our community to become generally more diverse. We will achieve this with partnerships, tutorials and community management in more languages as well as targeted marketing activities.


Anyone can use Audiotool for free as we’re committed 100% to keep the entry barrier low so anyone in the world can start making music right from a browser. In the future, we will launch new monetization opportunities for our artists and services for educational use.