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Orbita is a device for creating electronic music with minimal skills and maximal fun, away from the screens. It looks like a record player and works like a sequencer, allowing you to record and play electronic tracks.


The world's first hybrid MIDI Thru box with a unique combination of high-precision wired and ultra-low latency Bluetooth MIDI through in-house developed WIDI technology

Dodeka Stellar

Dodeka Stellar Isomorphic and modular MIDI controller - probably the most expressive musical keyboard

Noise Machine (NMSVE)

The main idea behind NMSVE was to create a portable MIDI controller made for the modern musician. A device that's compact, functional, and can be used for all kinds of MIDI purposes WITHOUT taking up valuable desk space.

Orba by Artiphon

Orba by Artiphon is a handheld synth, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately.


Innovative Eurorack instrument/sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. Make sounds via MIDI, control voltage, or outputting waveforms via audio jack

Percussive Harmonic Instrument (P.H.I.) V2

The Percussive Harmonic Instrument (P.H.I.) Version 2 is an exquisite, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing digital incarnation of the Caribbean steelpan.


Meet your cyber matrix controller. Cybery is a compact but versatile pedal manager that helps you keep everything in order.

J-6 Chord Synthesizer

The J-6 is a pocket-sized chord synthesizer packed with an array of building blocks for creating compelling chord changes, dynamic musical patterns, and song ideas.

BOSS EV-1-WL Wireless MIDI Expression Pedal

The BOSS EV-1-WL provides wireless foot control for anything that can receive CC messages via Bluetooth® MIDI. In addition, USB and MIDI TRS connectivity are offered for wired control of computer music software and standard MIDI devices.

FP-E50 Entertainment Piano

Grand piano tone and touch meet Roland's legendary synthesizer sounds and advanced vocal effects with interactive accompaniment backing, expandability, and one-step recording with vocals.

ODD Ball

Create, mix and play music by simply bouncing, catching and spinning a ball

Ploytec Boom Kick

Automatic Stomp Box with MIDI Start / Stop / Clock Output for syncing MIDI enabled loopers and software applications

Orba 2

Orba is a handheld music device that invites users to play any sound in the world. Its size, sound, and design perfectly combine approachability with possibility.

Jamstik Classic MIDI Guitar

An electric guitar with a digital heart—the Jamstik Classic MIDI guitar is a versatile, 22-fret electric guitar with precise MIDI control.

MIDI To DMX Controller

Let your MIDI not only play music, but also control DMX live lighting effects!

Anyma Omega

Anyma Omega, a powerful hybrid polyphonic and multitimbral synthesizer based on physical modelling synthesis, allowing to create new sound universes inspired from the real world.

The Glide

The Glide can play highly expressive melodies, chords, and drum beats with ease by using two simple handheld controllers and basic arm movements.

DigitAize Smart Violin

DigitAize smart violin is the first digital violin of its kind, a fully integrated solution allowing real-time capture of playing gestures.


MIDI Instruments and Wireless Networking for People with Disabilities - PWD

AE-30 Aerophone Pro

Roland's world-class sounds in a high-performance wind instrument that responds to the dynamics and expression worthy of professional woodwind and brasswind players.

InstaChord IC-31

InstaChord is a strummable MIDI chord instrument/controller. By assigning the Nashville Number method to each buttons, even beginners can play right away.


The expressive MPE controller and intuitive software to produce, perform and learn music

Casio CT-S1000V

The Casiotone CT-S1000V gives your music a brand new voice: Its own. Along with 800 stunning Tones and a wealth of musical tools, the CT-S1000V features new Vocal Synthesis technology that brings your words to life.


The First Portable, Professional Piano that fits into your Backpack.

Impact LX Mini

Impact LX Mini is Nektar’s most powerful mini MIDI controller featuring intuitive tactile features, DAW integration & instrument plugin control for most DAWs, 2 arpeggiators and the unique Part Two feature.


Meet PalmBand, a smart device that lets you play a variety of instruments, right on your palm!


Elk LIVE lets musicians connect online and play music together like they're in the same room, sharing audio and MIDI in real-time from different locations.


Music keyboard with full-orchestral accompaniment, 37 mini keys & AutoChord

Hydrasynth Explorer

Hydrasynth Explorer is a highly flexible digital synthesizer. It features the only mid sized polyphonic aftertouch keyboard on the market as well as battery control for use anywhere.

Seaboard RISE 2

Designed for infinite exploration of sound. Featuring an expressive silicone interface, unrivaled software, and a refined design, Seaboard RISE 2 makes MPE creation more accessible than ever before.

MIDIPLUS Vboard 25

The Vboard 25 is the world's first original folding MIDI keyboard with standard key width, pads, knobs, and a wealth of features, rechargeable. A variety of connection methods to control the computer, mobile phone, tablet DAW, sound engine and synthesizer

PopuPiano Smart Portable Keyboard + PopuMusic APP

A Glowing Keyboard + Chords/Rhythm Pad Controller, that Allows You to Learn & Compose Music by Melody + Chord + Rhythm

MIDIPLUS Vboard 49

The Vboard 49 is the world's first portable foldable MIDI keyboard. Built-in rechargeable battery, can be connected to DAW, sound engine and mobile phone tablet via USB or Bluetooth, built-in a variety of styles, let the creation go with you.

NMSVE (Noise Machine Straight Vibin' Edition)

NMSVE stands for: Noise Machine Straight Vibin' Edition. It's one of the smallest yet functional BLE MIDI controllers out there!

Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar

Fully analog, fully digital. The Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar is a 24-fret electric guitar and MPE MIDI controller all-in-one.


Say goodbye to MIDI sync issues with Midronome: easy, reliable and versatile MIDI master clock with built-in metronome. For both live and studio work.

MRCC - MIDI Router Control Center

A super deluxe re-invention of the classic MIDI Router is "a game changer" for modern MIDI studios. Featuring one button routing for each physical input and output, and thoughtful design for usability, everything can be easily configured without a PC.

Piano de Voyage

Piano de Voyage is a modular, 88 full-size keys portable piano keyboard

PTZOptics MIDI Camera Control

PTZOptics is adding configurable MIDI control to our award-winning PTZ cameras. Set and call presets, plus operate pan, tilt, and zoom from any MIDI device.

Black BT SusEx Pedal

World's first pedal that combines both footswitch and expression pedal functionalities in a single unified form factor with BLE MIDI capability and auto-mode switching.

MidiVolts Desktop

The MidiVolts Desktop is a polyphonic Midi to CV controller, designed to stack voices in order to create polyphonic/ paraphonic functionality using one or more semi-modular synthesizer.

Wind Synthesizer R1

Cyber-like wind controller from future. Responsive RGB light bars. Perform in 2 weeks. Motion control. Bluetooth connectivity. Delicate App experience.