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The latest MIDI news, product releases and event annoucements. 

MOTU Releases Performer 11 with major new MIDI features


Mark of the Unicorn's newest version of Performer adds MPE support, Articulation Maps, and Per Note Controls It seems like MOTU has been paying close attention to developments in the MIDI Association around MIDI 2.0.  Their newest version of Performer adds a ton of new MIDI features.  MPE and Per Note CC Support  First, Per...

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Sound Iron-Deep Sampled Libraries With A Twist


Who are Sound Iron? Soundiron is a recent addition to the growing list of MIDI Association companies.  They joined after attending a webinar with developers that was focused on the Orchestral Articulation Profile which will use the new Attribute Types and Attribute Data of MIDI 2.0 to embed sample articulations right i...

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ISLA Instruments make seriously good electronic musical instruments


ISLA Instruments recently joined the MIDI Association as voting corporate member ISLA Instruments was founded by Brad Holland, a professional musician and studio technician in 2015.  He realized his love of music, technology and electronics were perfect for a new type of MIDI controller.   ISLA's first produc...

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Switched-On Q


How MIDI helped create one of the most innovative albums in Venezuelan musical history by transcending epochs, distances, styles and production strategies By Bartolomé Díaz & Félix Carmona Caracas, Venezuela Venezuela was, and still is, and extremely musical land, a fact documented by such illustrious travelers as Alexander Von Humboldt upon hi...

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The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group Sponsors Sessions at Game Developers Conference


A Week of Game Audio Lessons  The Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IASIG) of the MIDI Association is the special interest group that represents MIDI and audio to the gaming community. This year the all virtual Game Developers Conference includes a number of sessions sponsored by the IASIG and other sessions on audio that should be of ...

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