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The latest MIDI news, product releases and event annoucements. 

Meet You At NAMM - Face to Face or Virtually on Horn®


The MIDI Association Face to Face Meet Up-MMA booth (Hall B, #9701) at 5:45 PM on Saturday, January 27​   We'd like to invite all our MIDI friends to meet up at the NAMM show. Just come to the MMA booth (Hall B, #9701) at 5:45 PM on Saturday, January 27.  We'll be there and we'd like to get a picture of all the MIDI Associa...

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Special NAMM Show Attendance Offer for MIDI Association Members


Attend the NAMM Show at a special discounted price for MIDI Association Members!​ The NAMM Show is open to professionals that manufacture, distribute, or utilize music, sound and event technology products and services.   Normally you have to be a NAMM Member (or a guest of one) to attend the NAMM Show, but we've made arrangements for up t...

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MIDI Capability Inquiry Presentation at ADC


New MIDI Possibilities Outlined at ADC 2017 At the Audio Developers Conference in London, Ben Supper from Roli outlined a new MIDI proposal called MIDI Capability Inquiry ( MIDI-CI) which outlines a path to future expansions of MIDI.   Almost exactly a year ago AMEI (the Association of Music Electronic Industries and the Japanese MIDI sta...

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Bluetooth MIDI is here to stay

Bluetooth MIDI is here to stay

This is an article that was originally posted on the Cakewalk blog and they kindly gave us permission to excerpt it here on MIDI.org and link to the full article. The cover photo is courtesy of Pete Brown from Microsoft.  There are dozens of wireless data standards today. So why is Bluetooth so popular?Wireless standards may be grouped into a ...

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Now THAT’s a Horn Solo


Music is a visual language, too. Composer Andrew Huang used the piano roll editor in his MIDI sequencer to create sound from a picture of a unicorn. Each dot and line outlining the mythical creature triggers a MIDi note. To make the notes harmonize, Huang had to think both visually and musically. Se...

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