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ROLI-May is MIDI Month Platinum Sponsor

ROLI-May is MIDI Month Platinum Sponsor

​Established in 2009, ROLI is creating the future of musical instruments. From next-generation keyboards like the Seaboard to the modular music-making devices of BLOCKS, ROLI instruments are deeply expressive and intuitive to play. They are so versatile that they can sound like anything and be played anywhere.  Technologically advanced to...

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Get Real and Get Funky: How to Create Realistic MIDI Bass Parts


5 Tricks to getting a great MIDI bass track  1. How to get rid of a hangover  Most bass lines are single notes, and because bassists lift fingers, mute strings, and pick, there's going to be a space between notes. Go through your MIDI sequence note by note and make sure that no note extends over another note's attack (Fig. 1). If two note...

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May 26-Why ReWire Is Very Cool


ReWire is a software protocol that allows two (or sometimes more) software applications to work together as one integrated program. For example, suppose you wish your DAW of choice had Propellerhead Reason's roster of way cool virtual instruments, but you don't want to learn a different DAW. No problem: use ReWire with your DAW, and get Reason into...

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May 25-“Proofing” MIDI Sequences


Sometimes you hit notes you don't want to hit, particularly if you're playing MIDI guitar or some other alternate controller (although this tip is most relevant to MIDI guitar, even with keyboards you may end up brushing against some keys accidentally and creating notes you don't want). Here are some ways to clean up your data stream. Delete pressu...

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May 24-Tempo Track Tweaks


In the days before click tracks, tempos varied because musicians are humans, not crystal-controlled clocks. However, these changes were far from random. While researching an article for Sweetwater's inSync web publication, I analyzed the tempo changes for several hits from the past that didn't use a click track and noticed a common element of most ...

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