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K Board Pro 4- Expressive Smart Sensor Keyboard


With K-Board Pro 4 we've taken the format of a traditional keyboard and updated it for the 21st Century. With our SmartFabric™ Sensors underneath each key you can tweak any synthesis parameter in real time by moving your fingers while you are playing. The MIDI MPE Standard is the future for expressive controllers and we have designed the K-Board Pr...

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The Moog One- The Ultimate Moog Synth


After many years, Moog releases a polyphonic analog synth  The Moog One is a programmable, tri-timbral analog synth featuring an intuitive tactile interface that allows you to explore a vast sonic universe of classic Moog analog circuits that have been know for many years for their unrivaled punch and rich harmonics,  An advance...

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IK UNO Drum- Analog/PCM Drum Machine Announced at Super Booth


UNO Drum marries analog sounds and digital control The UNO Drum features six true analog voices — kick, snares, claps, and hi-hats — plus there are  54 PCM samples — toms, rims, ride, and cowbell — derived from IK's popular SampleTank 4. Because the UNO has 11-voice polyphony you can even layer the analog and PCM sound...

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Want to be a better drummer? There's a Yamaha DTX app for that!


Yamaha has a number of mobile apps for their DTX  electronic drums to make drumming more fun while helping you to get better!  The DTXM12 Touch app not only lets you edit the pads with a touchscreen interface but also adds new features that expand its functionality in live performance situations. When the DTX...

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Roland Brings Wireless MIDI to Digital Wind Instruments!

Roland Brings Wireless MIDI to Digital Wind Instruments!

As one of the inventors the Musical Instrument Digital Interface, Roland has continued to push the boundaries of the now 36-year old protocol(!) by continuously developing MIDI-based applications which bring totally new creative opportunities to musicians. One such application is the Roland AE-05 Aerophone GO, a unique digital wind instrument which...

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