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Here is where you find articles on anything that is related to MIDI software. 
Software is one of the fastest growing areas of MIDI from DAW software to mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android to Web MIDI web sites that let you do music production in the cloud. 

MIDI and the Surface Pen


Pens and stylus' have been employed as computer interaction devices for quite some time now. Most commonly they were used along with peripheral graphics tablets to give a more natural flow to the artist or designer than a mouse could muster. With the release of the Surface Pro hybrid laptop by Microsoft in 2012 they brought a digital pen along to p...

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AudioCipher V3: The Word-to-MIDI Melody and Chord Progression Generator

AudioCipher V3 interface

MIDI Association partner AudioCipher Technologies has just published Version 3.0 of their melody and chord progression generator plugin. Type in a word or phrase and AudioCipher will automatically generate MIDI files for any virtual instrument in your DAW. AudioCipher helps you overcome creative block with the first ever text-to-MIDI VST for music ...

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Turning MIDI Melodies Into Full Songs with Meta's MusicGen


The popularity of generative AI software has reached an all time high this year, with music lagging behind other mediums like image and text. Nevertheless, two applications dropped in May and June 2023 that marked a major improvement in the technology. It probably comes as no surprise that the companies behind these apps are Google and Facebook-Met...

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Designing AI VSTs for Generative Audio Workstations


DAW plugins have been approaching a saturation point over the past decade. Reskinned VSTs seem to outnumber innovative music software by a margin of ten to one. How many new delay and reverb effect plugins do we need? Generative AI and machine learning models are bringing a wave of no...

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Introducing Bace: a Voice-to-MIDI Plug-in & Standalone App

Bace Plug-in & Standalone App Bace transforms your voice into a Drum Machine

Almost two years ago, we set out to build a tool that could capture an idea and turn it into workable music. After a long period of developing machine learning models and getting the UI just right, I'm incredibly proud to say that we are ready to put our creation out into the world. That idea I had while on tour with my band, sitting in the back of...

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Yamaha and Camelot Pro make playing live easier


LIVE PERFORMING IS NOW MORE FUN AND EASY CROSS PLATFORM LIVE PERFORMANCE APPLICATION Wondering how to connect and control your hardware and software instruments in one place? Want to remotely control your Yamaha synthesizers and quickly recall presets on stage? How about attaching a lead sheet or music score with your own notes to a set of sounds? ...

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Game Music and MIDI- The MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group (IASIG)


What Is Interactive Audio   Game Music is incredibly unique because unlike almost every other form of music which is based on a linear temporal framework (a song starts and plays uninterrupted from begin to end), game music is inherently interactive because it depends on the user's game play to decide what music plays at what ti...

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The New Roland Cloud: ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer, New Membership Plans, and Lifetime Keys


Earlier this month, Roland unveiled the biggest enhancements yet to the Roland Cloud platform. These include the introduction of the ZENOLOGY software synthesizer, new membership options, and the ability to buy Lifetime Keys to individual instruments. Since its inception, Roland Cloud has grown into a collection of more than 50 instruments—includin...

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BLE-MIDI, Sonar and Zivix Jam Stick- A New Way to Enter MIDI into your DAW

BLE-MIDI, Sonar and Zivix Jam Stick- A New Way to Enter MIDI into your DAW

This is an article that was originally posted on the Cakewalk blog and they kindly gave us permission to excerpt it here on MIDI.org.  Greetings! My name is Mike Green, Music Product Specialist at Zivix, we make the jamstik+ portable SmartGuitar & PUC+ wireless MIDI link. I'm primarily a guitar player, and in my 15+ years of musical c...

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Telemidi - Creating music over The Internet in real-time

TeleMIDI-logo-sml Telemidi - Creating music over the Internet in real-time

What is Telemidi? A system of connecting two DAW environments over the internet, to achieve real-time musical `jamming'.The product of Masters research by Matt Bray. "...a musician's behaviour at one location will be occurring at the other location in a near synchronous manner, and vice versa, thus allowing for a `jam' like atmosphere to ...

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