If you are new to MIDI or want to go over some basics, this is the best place to start.  

Here is where you'll find guides to understanding what MIDI is, what it's not and general information everyone who uses MIDI should know.

There are Categories for MIDI 1.0, MIDI 2.0 and MIDI History. 

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MIDI 2.0 Developers Webinar- Saturday, May 22 10 am Pacific


Join members of the  MIDI Association Technical Standards Board and MIDI 2.0 working group chairs for an in-depth look at all the MIDI 2.0 specifications under development As you can see from the table above, there is a lot of technical standards activity in The MIDI Association's working groups.The MIDI 2.0 Working Group h...

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Getting started with MIDI 2.0 development – Live workshop series with the Music Hackspace

MIDI-2.0-thumbnail.001 MIDI 2.0 workshop

This event is organised by the Music Hackspace. Date & Time: Mondays 7th / 14th / 21st / 28th June 6pm UK / 7pm Berlin / 10am LA / 1pm NYC. Series of 4 x 2-hour workshops. Level: Intermediate, Some experience with C++ coding required, Experience with JUCE recommended Attendees should have experience building and debugging applications usin...

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Details about MIDI 2.0™, MIDI-CI, Profiles and Property Exchange

The core MIDI 2. Specifications are available for download by MIDI Association Members You must be logged in as a TMA member to download the spec. If you are not a member yet (or not logged in) , clicking on the link will take you to the signup page to either create an account or log in.  On Sunday, January 19, 2020 at the Annua...

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Mixing with Virtual Instruments: The Basics


DAW software, like Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Studio One, etc. isn't just about audio. Virtual instruments that are driven by MIDI data produce sounds in real time, in sync with the rest of your tracks. It's as if you had a keyboard player in your studio who played along with your tracks, and could play the same part, over and over again, with...

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Bome Software Released 3 Major Product Updates

To celebrate the last day of May is MIDI Month, we are happy to announce 3 major product updates. Florian Bomers (Founder of Bome Software) New BomeBox Firmware 1.5 As of today, Bome Software has released version 1.5 of the BomeBox firmware. It is a free download for BomeBox owners and adds a number of new features: new MIDI processi...

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